Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weeks Pass

The weeks have been spinning out of control for me. We are out of scooters at the shop, dealing with mass customers and no inventory is hard. Juni is back in swim class for two weeks, Beila had her 2nd birthday, my tomatoes are coming in, I had a photo shoot, and there are places to be and people to see.

Today Marc, Beila and I met up with friends for lunch at my favorite soul food restaurant, Evelyn's, for lunch. I love the turkey and dressing, but they only have that on friday. I had the fried chicken, okra and tomatoes, and braised cabbage. Then for dessert ice milk and blackberry cobbler. It was so yummy! Beila had mac and cheese. She is so funny, she had the tiny macaroni in her hand up to her ear using as a phone. So by the end of lunch she had cheese all over the side of her head. She has been pee-peeing in the potty some too. I am ecstatic about this transition. She pee-pees in the toilet at least once a day with my prompting. I take this as a wonderful sign.

Thursday nights are usually family night at Utica Square, a local outdoor shopping mall. They have live music every thursday nights. My best friends Marvin and Kristen, their twins Olive and Calder, with Juni and Beila, Marc and I pack picnic dinner and head out for music, food, wine, and crowds. Every thursday night. But tonight there was 3 art openings. Free food and wine. In the summer we head downtown and walk around to the openings to eat dinner with the kids in tow while browsing the art. There was a fun show at Living Arts, phallic looking playground swings with saddles and hay. There was olives for the kids to eat and things to touch, we were there for awhile to say the least.

Beila's 2nd birthday party was a crazy weekend. I was up the saturday night before her party cleaning till 2 in the morning. I was cleaning with bleach at one point, something I rarely use. I woke up in the morning and could not function. My skin was hot to the touch, itchy and red. I had waves of nausea, a headache like a thousand people in my head hitting my brain, and trouble breathing. I took my clothes off and sat in the recliner hunched over so my skin could not touch anything. I felt like I was going to pass out. I had a cake to decorate, hot dogs to grill, things to get ready before people came over for birthday time. I called Marc and he came over early to help me. He wanted to take me to the emergency room. I don't remember much, I was out of it. I sat in a state of jumbled confusion and pain during Beila's party and relied heavily on my family and Marc to make her birthday happen. Everyone tried to get me to go to the hospital, but I knew I would get better. It took a couple days for the pounding headache to go away. I still do not know what happened to me. The only thing we can think of is my exposure to bleach. See if I ever clean again.

Juniper's swim lessons are going great. She is diving to the bottom of the pool to get rings off the bottom, and floating on her back like she was in the Dead Sea. She is doing very well at reading at school too. She is my budding genius.

Well, off to make waffles for Marc.