Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Did It!!

i fixed my oven! all by myself. one part of of, only $50 and i am back in baking business. we are having baked potatoes for dinner. now i have to pull out the dishwasher and fix it. easy, right?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Juniper is 7.

Our Monarch

so as it turns out, our chrysalis was older than this budding entomologist thought. she hatched yesterday morning. throughout the day you could see the wing pattern clearer and clearer. then about 4am, the Greek said you could see right into it, but i was too asleep to care. but in the morning this is what i saw.

the girls were so excited. we tried to set the baby free, but she didn't want to go. i guess her wings were still wet.

even when the girls came home from school, she was still sitting on our front porch. by the next morning she was gone. south america, i guess.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

on my recent trips this past week to anthro i did buy some things. i bought this on sale, this in aubergine, this because it was gorgeous and had an elastic waist for my postpartum body, a nightie, and some napkins on sale i will incorporate into our halloween costumes. every time i go back i see things that are beautiful and scream to come home with me. like these...

milkmaid butter dish
she look like she knows something

southward stop shirtdress
i love the woodland print

gossamer henley
an ella moss shirt, so airy and beautiful

but today all i went home with was some strawberry lipgloss:)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


bill, my landlord and grandfather figure at the scooter shop is always bringing the kids things. we get squirrels, bunny rabbits, bugs, peeps, marshmallows, oreos, drums, keyboards, lots of things. yesterday he brought us a monarch chrysalis. it is beautiful. grassy green with decorations of a brilliant gold on it. i think it is about six days old, with another week to go so. i'll keep you informed:)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Open Open Open.

tulsa peeps waiting for the doors to tulsa's very own ANTHROPOLOGIE to open!
and my awesome mom on the right:)
oh yes, i'm here for the private event please.

the store had this chic handmade lodge feel to it.

i see what the hand dyed fabric was for now.
put me to bed there!

friendly, smiling, fashionable, helpful employees...
they helped carry my stroller up and down the stairs many times.

i was the first customer in the "sale" room!
never have seen one so clean and organized...

"book shelves"
so cute

pretty things

yummy spread of food waiting us

i want that over my mantle

i want one of these too...
wait a minute, that one is mine!
we have matching noses:)

this was a great opening! tulsa is lucky to have one of these awesome stores. i'm glad i don't have to wait for vacation now to go visit an anthropologie. if you haven't visited one of these stores it is a must, their housewares and clothes are mouth watering, and worth every penny.
and just if you wanted to know, monday morning anthropologie is not over, we've only just begun...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Broken Kitchen

my oven has been broken for a couple weeks now. after looking through broken oven forums i learned that the thermostat is probably shot and to never use the self cleaning aspect of the oven again. since today is juni's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my darling 7 YEAR OLD!!!, i need to bake a cake for her, incentive to get needed part from sears. then last night my dishwasher ka-pooted on me. my kitchen, to say the least, is a friggin mess. so here i am relaxing, ordering parts and drinking coffee at the shop down the street, the coffee house on cherry street. i don't want to go home, because it is messy, but i can't hang out here forever, or can i.....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Favorite Son

today i volunteered to help take bee's class to the Will Rogers Memorial Museum in claremore.
isn't her class cute?

"no pictures mama."
that is will rogers' grave down there overlooking my beautiful home state.

i learned so much about will rogers. i think i enjoyed myself more than the kids. there were tons of private possessions of the rogers' family there, including what will rogers was wearing and what he had on his person when he and wiley post were killed in a tragic plane crash in alaska.
he was an amazing person.

my favorite thing were the fan mail envelopes that somehow made it to him without address. some of them just had a quote on them without acknowledgment and made it to him.

one of will rogers' famous quotes. he wanted it on his grave, and here it is.
what a great route 66 museum to visit!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

this morning anthro looked like a bee hive, people buzzing about, in and out. you looked in the windows and they were all abuzz inside as well. there was sewing going on, painting, sculpting, and hand dying. with the fence down it looked odd, a whole new store front, in my mind there is still wisteria framing the doorways. the anthro-bees must keep on working, they are opening friday:)


need a $3,200 wooden horse from thailand?

cutest handmade tree stumps with cloth covered tops.

large origami window
it was hard taking pictures because of the glare. the other front window had a molded cardboard tree limb in it like the stumps with little mushrooms, so cute. i cannot wait till thursday!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

High Heels Are a Girl's Best Friend

well, mine anyways.
i have an unhealthy love for HIGH heels.
and after my surgery last winter i have to limit how much i wear them.
so, i end up wearing them once a week on sunday, when i go to church.
from five days a week to once a week.
it has not been the easiest thing to cut back on.
and these are my most favorite pieces i own.

christian louboutin
black patent leather
bought at c.l. in nyc

steve madden
my pretty orange wedges
bought at a warehouse sale in nyc

brown leather wedge
the Greek bought them for me for Christmas one year

the most softest red leather in the world

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome to Utica Square, Anthropologie

And the Wall Came Crumbling Down

Mobile Blogging from here.

the ugly green wall surrounding my beloved anthropologie is coming down, picture soon!

Friday, September 17, 2010


this week my mom and i took the girls to the american miniature horse association show at the tulsa fairgrounds. it was awesome!
i sometimes feel like a big geek taking the kids to the animal shows at the fairgrounds, but it's free and the animals come in from all over north america to be shown. these are the best of the best. this week the barns were full at the fairgrounds, full of the cutest little horses ever.
we stared inside the show barn. it was odd watching these people bait the horses with hay balls from there pocket, waving their hands in front of the horses' noses for 20 minutes, trying to get the alignment of the neck correct for show. it is always neat watching animals get shown, all that love and hard work gets center ring for the animal and the handler.
after that one category of horses we went and paraded through the barns to look at the minis and hopefully pet some. we learned a lot about showing minis, the grooming, the different category's, the road life...we had a ball, can't wait for the next show to blow through our barns.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Movin' On Up

as i sit here on my bed watching the "cyprus" episode of Man Shops Globe for the umpteenth time,
i also am rereading the adorable invitation i received from the anthropologie headquarters in PA inviting me to the private opening party of the wonderfully new anthro store here in tulsa that will be open next week! someone thought i should be able to look inside before the mass population gets to!! eeeeek!

i have been buying from anthropolgie since about 1997 or so. my first purchases were a set of 4 plates i believe. they had vintage travel pictures on them. they use to hang on my kitchen wall until someone slammed the door causing them to fall to pieces on the floor.
next i bought some latte bowls. i have only one of those left, a lavender one.
the first piece of clothing i bought was a burgundy wrap sweater that cost me a fortune back then, i think maybe it was around $80 or so, too expensive for me, but i was in love.
then there was the skirt i forgot to order, it had sailboats on it, i loved it very much. never have seen it since then, and i still check ebay for it.
i learned my lesson to buy what i'm in love with after that.

anywho, i cannot wait to go inside the new store all bright and shiny, maybe purchase a trinket or two? or three? we'll see....ahhh, who am i kidding! thursday can't come soon enough!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4 Weeks Old

beautiful little kalliope (cal-eye-oh-pee)
she was 4 weeks last week but i forgot to post the picture...
so here is the 4th week photo
right now she is 5 weeks
kristen did a photo shoot yesterday with her
i can't wait to show you pictures

Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodies in the Mail!

got a package from Urban Creatures today!!!!
i have been wanting one of these recycled t-shirt necklaces, and now i have one!!
the girls got one too, but they are at their dad's, so i will have to take a picture later.
i am in love with their handmade accessories.
love love love