Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yesterday Was My Birthday

it was also the first day of our music fest, Free Tulsa
. it was such a busy day, starting off at 7am! the Greek was going 60 miles an hour, with me trailing behind at 10mph. haha! there was tent set up, stage set up, vendor set up, heat-heat-heat, and last minute details of course. so many people have been helping with this undertaking, i even had my family out there helping out. i made it till 6.30. i thought i could do more, i was doing good, then it kinda hit me, the heat, the sun, the non-laying down...i guess my doctors know what they are saying. i wish i could have stayed, there were many bands i would have liked to see. but tonight's the night, i'm going, my mom, juni and bee and i. i will not be working, my body is just not up to it. i wish it was, i feel guilty watching everyone else shuffle around at high paces while i just sit there. i'll take some pictures to post later...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Favorite Things at my Parent's House

i was at my parents relaxing and watching "the world of henry orient" when i realized they have many of my favorite things there. here are some.

antique toys that belonged to my grandparents

lou lou ghost chair by starck

samson, the komondor

ned, the bouvier des flandres

nanny and rose, by scott prior

my parents marriage certificate

there are stacks of guitars everywhere
my mom's odd fondness of gnomes and flamingos

dead ancestors

my daddy

my daddy again

my mom's large creche collection

my dad's large antique clock collection.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meet My Beila-Bot

beila was born june 23, 2006

her favorite color is pink.

she was a very happy and hungry baby. she would and will hang out with anyone.

she is very sweet when things go her way, and sharing when you share with her. very you scratch my back...

she is loud when she is happy, and super loud when she is mad.

if she gets in trouble she thinks batting her eyes, and smiling and saying she's sorry is magic.

she is girly to a T. jewelry, makeup, high heels, dresses, baby dolls...that is all bee-bee.

she is a snuggle-bug. loves to snuggle.

she likes chocolate covered almonds, and rainbow sno-cones.

she could work an iphone before she could walk.

she loves to draw and make things for people.

she looks like my maternal grandma, and my dad.

she is the most manipulative and cunning, but completely loving 4 year old ever!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Digging in the Dirt

i realize i am suppose to be chilling. but days of sitting in bed, making thank you cards, watching television was getting boring. my garden was in dire need of attention. especially the carrots. i never got to thin them out, and i never weeded the garden after a time, so my garden was overgrown, well half of it anyway. the corn and okra are weed free. i found a cucumber in the okra stalks, i also found the most lonesome and gorgeous piece of okra ever. so this morning i put on my overalls, my rain boots, got the hose and set of to drown the garden so i can effectively pull up the carrots and weeds. i also found my tiny immature bell pepper plants hiding. they look good, but tiny, maybe i could still get a bell pepper this fall. i made a huge mud pit. but i also pulled out a ton of stuff. after more than half the garden weeded and de-carroted i took a shower and a nap. now to do some "light" household chores...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

well, boys and girls....looks like walls are going to go up soon. then what? i need to make a friend on the inside. that guy with the dog...who knows. i had queenie's pain perdu special at breakfast. they have it every once in a while, it is so scrumptious!!

on a different note, did anyone watch true blood last night? uhhhh, i am reeling from that one. i watched it twice, just to make sure i didn't make any of it up in my head. gotta love it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

To Do Before Greek Goddess Makes an Entrance

  1. finish painting baby hear that husband?
  2. put red ikea dresser together
  3. put crib together
  4. finish making juni and bee's curtains...stupid tension offing sewing machine.
  5. finish monika's quilt panel (see above)
  6. make crib bumpers...i think those can wait
  7. clean living room
  8. finish all laundry
  9. bomb my house for pesky flys
  10. make thank you notes

My Favorite Soda POP

i love where we live. close to downtown, close to my parents, close to utica square, close to the highway, close to "little mexico"....
i love living near my favorite mexican mercados, restaurants, and taco trucks. 2.5 blocks from my house is a little convenient store where futbol is on every time i go in and i can always count on them to have a nice cold sangria senorial. ahhhh, my favorite soda. i just googled it and found out it has been around since 1960, well in mexico any ways. i love this beverage, especially the "sin alcohol" part of it. the weird thing is, i can almost taste some sort of alcohol. like a red wine extract or something. i know it's not there but boy howdy, they do a darn good job of making it. now if i had one of those sno cone ice shavers , i could douse my fuzzy ice with one of these and be happy for a whole 3 minutes.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sewing Tension.

yes i have tension. i am trying to chill out and sew a quilt panel for my sewing bee group but my tension level is rising because my tension is off. it was fine the whole time i made the baby curtains, now it is a loopity loop mess. i have taken it to the shop and paid $80 to have it fixed and i guess that did nothing. i should sit this day out.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Urban Farm Update

we pulled up the tomato plants to stop whatever was going on. i'm torn between the spider mites and blight. all i know is i'm not planting in that spot for awhile. i have one lone plant i left because she had some fruit on her.

she still looks slightly sick, but i'm not ready to pull her out. my mom bought me three heirloom plants the other day to plant for the fall. i have decided to plant them in pots on the side of the house far away from the garden. i will watch them carefully, i so want large red juicy tomatoes to slice and sprinkle with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. num num num.
i am still getting cucumbers, and my okra is budding. my carrots are still in the ground, i can't bend over to get them out. i have to do something about that.

i have about 6 rows of corn that look to be doing well. i am so excited. i hope i can pull corn off soon and munch on it. they are small right now with pink silks, and yellow silks. i forgot which rows were my popcorn i planted, i wonder if i can eat popcorn corn like normal, or is it good only if you dry it out and use it for it's intended use?
i have posted an add on craigslist to try to get rid of my 2 bantam males. they are crowing. someone emailed me from my add asking me what kind of chickens they were, the add said "bantam rooster, 6m", uhhhh, i didn't email him back, if he doesn't know what they are he can't have them. i am getting 2 eggs a day right now from foo-fa and saffron. if chocolate is laying again after her broody period, i don't know where. susie, who lives as a recluse in the garage, lays, but i figure up in the rafters somewhere, i will never see those eggs. then there is blueberry the baby fluffy bantam. she's without her male buddies now, i feel bad for her. who knows if she'll lay. i probably get my coop within the next month, i am so excited. this mama hen will feel great knowing her "babies" are all up and no dog, possum, hawk, cat, fox, or whatever will get them.

36 Weeks

36 weeks. almost full term. just one more week. the pregnancy source says my Greek goddess is as big as a crenshaw melon...i don't know what that is, and that she weighs 5.75 lb, try a pound lighter than that iphone app. can't blame the app, i do have a small baby. it says she should be head down, which she is, and she should have some decreased movement, she's slowed down some. nothing much is going on. my legs and feet swell due to the heat, but not as bad as they could, i drink a lot of water and love to sit in the pool as my diuretic. taking it easy is so annoying. my nesting instinct is in full effect and i'm suppose to chill. i have an ultrasound on monday and a internal check wednesday. i have my baby bag packed and ready to go. gotta pack a bag for myself. great fun!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Free Tulsa! Music Festival July 30-31, Go See Audra Mae!

There is an awesome local music fest happening in my little heartland july 30-31. There will be over 100 bands that all have roots to OKLAHOMA! one of the acts that everyone needs to go see is Audra Mae, she is now an LA based singer/songwriter from OKC. you might be familiar with her original song "who i was born to be", the only original song on susan boyle's album. her voice is amazing. listen to these youtube videos, or come on down to free tulsa!and listen to this angel sing live for only $10. i myself cannot wait.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank You ECO Baby + Kids!

i went into our local natural baby store, eco baby+kids, the other day to pick up my cloth diaper covers. i'm packing for the hospital and wanted to put my diapers in there. the only time in my life i am ever semi organized is when i am pregnant. tiffany, gave me some preemie diapers i am in love with. organic caboose contour cloth diapers that feel like heaven. thank you so much eco baby!!

Meet My June-Bug

born september 22, 2003, juniper mae breedlove
my bug was a very easy going and sweet baby.
she is very empathetic, giving, and sensitive.
she likes bugs, sticks, rocks, chasing the chickens, reading, and swimming.
she gets a different flavor sno-cone each time.
she eats oatmeal almost every saturday morning.
she doesn't like jeans, and lives in skorts.
she collects those zany bands bracelets and loves to swap.
she bathes the dog:)
she likes to mix her food, adding things to enhance flavor like lime, and loves to help out in the kitchen, and really anywhere i ask her to help out.
she is very literal and has an insane need to know.
she doesn't want to be married, and doesn't want kids.
but she is very motherly.
she is the best almost 7 year old in the world!

Monday, July 19, 2010

What's In My Purse?

  1. maxim, i love the articles, really. i gots to keep up on what "they" are teaching the men-folk
  2. dark chocolate roman nougat, mmmm
  3. beila's asian fan we got in chinatown, sf
  4. my green catch-all
  5. dirty hanky and hello kitty tissue
  6. smore's
  7. feosol, for extra iron
  8. uncashed checks
  9. $.50
  10. target girt cards!!!
  11. my beautiful liberty of london wallet
  12. some cheap sunglasses
  13. clinique blush
  14. my notary seal, gotta sell scooters
  15. itunes gift cards
  16. used hello kitty tissue, yleck
  17. gold bond lotion, the best
  18. tooth picks? i probably took them from the kids
  19. ferrera pan fireball
  20. receipts
green catch-all contents

  1. burt's bees hand sanitizer
  2. a buck
  3. change and a paper clip
  4. sharpie
  5. extra chewing gum
  6. burt's bees beeswax lip balm, makes my lips happy
  7. neosporin for my girl's boo-boos
  8. more gold bond lotion
  9. prescriptives lipstick
  10. memory cards
  11. receipt from tulsa drillers baseball game
  12. bobbin with black thread
  13. more receipts
  14. starbucks via instant coffee
  15. business card for the taco truck we used for our wedding party

Monday Morning Anthropologie

this sunny, hot morning at queenie's i had a scrumptious "sante fe" grilled cheese! roasted green chile, tomato, onion, and cheese:) so after b-fast i trotted over to my favorite fenced in construction area, took my pictures and went around back to see what else i could see. one of the workers going in had a dog, so i let wink out to sniff and i asked him a few questions. this anthropologie will have three levels. you walk in, go down a level, (if you remember harold's) then up a level to the dressing rooms. and i found out that the floors will be using the re purposed barn flooring i saw last week. i wanted to go sniffing around in there so badly, but figured just be annoying a little bit each week. i remarked on how odd i thought it was that they gutted the place, that they didn't be super green and use what was there, which was nice. he said it was the original idea, but they changed their mind. i'm sure whatever it looks like i will still be buying merchandise.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Awesome Travel System

we bought the maxi cosi infant car seat after i saw my friend erika's. her little blythe travels in a pink one, but i love the mix matched colors of this seat. and it fits the easy rider quinny buzz, which erika has as well. i loved it so much i had to copy:) i'm glad i ran into their stroller because i was at a loss on what to get for my Greek goddess. thank you for helping me make up my mind erika!!

Window Panels

out of my $1.99/yd polka dot ikea cloth i made 4 window panels for the Greek goddess' room. i thought i was going to make gathered curtains, but i fell in love with the way the panel showcased the polka dots. it's a bit more modern looking than a gathered curtain too. it was not the easiest thing the measure it all out correctly and line them, but i did. i'm suppose to be taking it "easy", and sewing is the perfect way to accomplish tasks sitting down!

Friday, July 16, 2010

35 Weeks

there is a fly buzzing around my head. my bed is comfy and i don't want to go look for a fly swatter. i'm watching grey gardens, why did i want to watch this movie? depressing. did i tell you the doctors estimate the Greek goddess to be 4.7 pounds? small little thing, just like her sisters and i. after my ultrasound today my wonderful doctor told me the umbilical blood flow is good. now i can get back to summer.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


we had an ultrasound today, they thought i was measuring small. well i am small. seems to make sense to me. my Greek goddess weighs about 4 pounds right now and does not keep still. she has fat cheeks, and a little round chin. she was practicing her breathing technique for a long time, we had to quit watching, she was showing off. they listened to the blood flow through the umbilical cord and decided it was not sufficient and to give me fluids in the labor and delivery to up my blood. way to take up my whole day little girl. it was kinda nice to have a break and just sit in a bed, watch the television, eat hospital graham crackers, and take fluids through an iv in my arm. but then again, i was making curtains. well i'll have more tomorrow, we go back in the morning to see if the hydration helped the blood flow.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Route 66, Round 1, Blue Whale

we had planned on a couple of route 66 adventures so we can cover some roadside attractions. today was a fly by the pants stop. i'd planned on taking the girls to this long dead swim hole but with a day in claremore as well.
juni has chess camp this week in owasso. so bee and i had to go pick her up. we got sno cones in a drive thru sno cone shack, which is awesome, then i decided we could cut through the countryside to get to route 66 and go visit the whale.
on the way there we decided to visit my aunt that lives out in the country. what a surprise we were to her. i can't believe i found her house, i hadn't been there since i was a teenager, almost 20 years or so ago. we were sent on our way with a warning of the left turn and the white crosses that dot the highway.
we made it to the historic route 66 and made our way back towards the city. then after we crossed some iffy bridges we came upon our destination, the blue whale. it use to be a popular swim hole in the 70's and 80's along with the neighboring noah's ark petting zoo nearby. it shut down in the 80's and now you can go and walk around in it and look in the yucky water just for fun. the kids had a blast running around, screaming, and climbing about.
we continued on home to dinner with talks of our next route 66 day in the opposite direction.