Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

after everyone being such good sports last year with the russian nesting doll costumes, i let them pick what they wanted to be this year. i'm so nice. the girls did pick out pretty easy costumes to make, bless their little hearts!

bee is pucca

popi the chicken

juni the mummy

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Rainy Morning

Here'a-go's another fashion moment by moi. I can never get one of the two photographers close in my life to take these photos for me. Today my mom took these photos. So I know these pictures make me look less leggy as I normally am, but I'm going with it, cause its all I got!

Boots: Frye campers
Jeans: Red Engine
Denim Shirt: Old Navy
Belt: thrifted
Baby: genetics

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pinterest Experimentation

i'm stealing this idea from my friend cristal.
a lot of us spend a nice chunk of time on pinterest, and some of us have followed through on those DIY tutorials. i have done quite a few myself. my latest one was a face mask made from baking soda and juice. here is the link. i did not have oranges on hand but i did have lemon, acid is acid, right? when i put the two together i did not think of chemical reactions because the combined two shocked me at first with the bubbling and fizzing, then the third grade me shook her finger at my memory. "tsk, tsk, silly girl. remember how to make "lava"?" smelled yummy and i gladly smeared the paste all over my exposed skin on my face, neck, and chest. i did not experience any tingling, but i do have a high tolerance to that kind of stuff. the only thing i would do different is not to do it around loved ones, i looked like a face decomposing zombie. i scared my Greek, just a little. after awhile i rinsed it off and looked for my glowing skin. i didn't glow. my skin looked clean and i am sure it exfoliated nicely, but i was not red. maybe i needed orange juice instead of lemon, but i would think lemon would have more acid. who knows. i will be doing this again, i liked it, but i will make sure i am by myself before i smear it all over.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Right Now

Here I am, sitting in bed, nursing THE
Bebe. The girls are at the neighbor's house, I hope, and there are a ton of groceries sitting on my kitchen floor waiting for someone. So, here are some right nows....

Reading- Game of Thrones

Listening to- Nothing!! It is quiet:)

Television- my hunni left it on Spike tv, looks like a gangland marathon

Wearing- an American apparel pink tshirt and green skirt with my tan Clark's walabees

Sewing- nothing. Need to make Halloween costumes, so I need to fix the machine, the timing is off

Need to- fix dinner. So really, put groceries up!

Wants- to go to a quiet beach that has banana piƱa coladas and no children:)

Okay okay....I'll go put the groceries up...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our New Toy

I feel like I'm living in a pizza parlor now:)

Sunday, October 16, 2011


today is my hunni's 49th birthday. i love him so much! i don't know how i found him, or how i got so lucky that he loves me :) i was going to make him pancakes for breakfast, but the kitchen was dirty and i didn't want to waste the beautiful sunshine cleaning inside. we went to go eat brunch at blue moon and enjoyed the nice patio weather while we ate french toast and eggs.
i let my Greek enjoy his day while popi and i played outside, well she played in the shade of the hen house and i cut up a large limb cut down from our tree to make way for more sun on my expanding garden. i also layed out my new garden with straw and grass clippings i have been saving. i have 4 garden patches now, roughly 10X10 each. in one of those squares i put the hen house for winter. i will start deep bedding now and hope it gets deep enough. in a few months i will put plastic sheeting around the outside to insulate it. come spring that patch will be perfect for some planting. i will move my asparagus in one of these squares, and move my berries to a square of their own as well. i left a nice walkway between them all, about 6ft. in the center of the 4 squares i will put my lighthouse that my Greek gave me for my first mother's day with him. i am also going to make a patio out back behind my deck with some vintage square concrete blocks that rock. i hope i have enough blocks. i was planning on doing a lot of this this summer but it was so freaking hot! no one got outside this year to do anything, so now i am playing catch up! oh, how i have missed digging in the dirt!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


oh how i hate political and religious rants on my favorite social network. i have so many friends with different views than i, and that is okay, it is what in part that makes them who they are, the people i love. what i can't stand is when people post things that are political/religious jab in the tummy. they make fun of the other political/religious group, say rude things, and while doing so make themselves look like an ass. when someone i respect posts political and religious hatred and lumps me in with the group they are making fun of, i immediately lose respect for that person. i don't think they realize that not every single person has the same views as they do, because if they did, they wouldn't say such awful things. since when did keeping your politics and your religion to yourself stop happening? i still follow this act of human decency, i try hard not to impart my views of politics and religion to other people without an invitation. i don't make fun of you because you are different, please try hard not make fun of me.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

California Break

Chillin' in Cali for the weekend for my home-skillet's birthday:). Loving on her baby Zinny and spending good time with her. While in the area we took the pop-star to visit her first shrine at Steve Job's house, her poppa's hero. Photos took on my iPhone. Thank you Steve Jobs, hope you are resting well now.