Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

Shush.  I know it is November.  I've had the longest ear infection ever and now I think my hearing is jacked.  That's a good excuse not to write, right?  
I can't believe I hadn't posted Halloween pics.  This year Beila wanted to be a mummy bride.  Score!  I made a mummy costume 2 years ago for Juniper.  Popi wanted to be Pippi (of course), another awesome deal because I made Bee a Pippi costume ages ago and we had a new wig all the way from Sweden for our little Pippi-freak.  But then there was Juniper.....oh dear.  She decided to be a Pheonix, the mythological on fire self reincarnating from the ashes bird who's tears have healing powers.  Yes, that one.  I don't think it turned out quite like any of us wanted it to:/  Then of course, Popi demanded Marc and I go as Pippi's parents, Captain Longstocking and the Angel, Pippi's dead mom:)  My kids!!