Sunday, October 31, 2010


can you believe this is finally the last day of halloween activities? every year the girls' granny and i take them to our church's fall activities. it is granny's birthday on halloween, and this one way we celebrate together.


happy birthday granny!

lil' tag! lauren's little ghost, isn't he cute?
i love our fall traditions.

Matryoshka BooHaHa 2010

this year for halloween we(i) decided we would be matryoshka/babushka/russian nesting dolls. i thought it was hilarious. first i thought we'd carry around cardboard cutouts of a traditional shaped babushka, but then the girls would not have had the freedom of their hands. so then i thought we'd just dress like them. there are 4 of us in different heights, so it worked. i made the white dresses out of the shirt dress tutorial, and then pinned the anthropologie napkins i got earlier on front for our aprons. then of course i cut out red kerchiefs from red fabric and hot glued them on headbands to keep them on our heads! except for popi, pink cheeks and over sized eyelashes completed our look.

yesterday was boohaha on brookside, we went to the costume contest with the golden driller(henry), and met up with gnomies, olive and calder for the parade. we won one of the costume contests, but not the overall. still, bee had fun sporting the big blue ribbon the rest of the day.

babushka popi

juni and calder

first place bee

marvin with olive and calder

henry with the real golden driller.
val, henry's costume was fab!

we have had a crazy halloween week so far, more to do today! have fun and be safe:)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

each year we go to the same pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins, pleasant valley farms. this year we stopped to eat minuteman pizza before we went to the farm. in doing so we got to the farm late and in the dark. but that didn't stop us from playing with the goats, and frolicking amongst the pumpkins, and of course taking our annual picture on the white bench.

the greek goddess and her poppa

she's my pumpkin eater

she's my sunshine

she's my heart

they are my life:)
happy halloween!


welcome sourpuff, tootsie, and clementine to our crazy urban farm. for the time being these three little ones will live inside with a warm heat lamp on them. when they get their adult feathers they will move outside to the above ground hutch till they get huge, then we will try to incorporate them with saffron, chocolate, foofa, blueberry, and suzie in the spring. oh goodness. aren't they adorable:)?

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Diabolical Biz Markie

"oh baby you....."
better come on out to see your favorite beat master!
after taking the kids to yo gabba gabba next friday, come on down to the crystal pistol and see the man behind "biz's beat of the day", grab a drink and get ready to dance!

come early to get in. we'll be to capacity before you can say "dragon".

Thrifting Friday


we debuted our halloween costumes at hallowzooeen at the tulsa zoo last night. we looked awesome!!! the kids had fun and the weather was pretty mild till it got dark. very super pictures to come....

Corn Maize OOpsie

valerie, lauren, and i tried to take the kids to the corn maize in way out oklahoma tuesday, well, a 45 minute drive from our midtown oasis anyways. our luck, lauren and i both totally missed the hours part of their webpage and did not notice that they were closed tuesday. so we took the brood to atwoods so i could get chicken feed and we let the kids pick out stick candy. it was an odd outing, yes, but somehow not terrible. we all had a pretty good laugh.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Morning Anthropologie

yesterday was very busy. i did not have my monday morning at queenie's with my friends. so no stop at anthro:( but this morning after helping kristen with stuff for her day of the dead installation we went and had our looksies all about:)

piece de resistance blouse
this pretty blouse's brand name bears a very close resemblance to my very precious middle child, beila james...sure sounds similar.

highest accolades dress and beautiful fuzzy lace dress
i really love and desire this lace dress. the lace is so soft, i refuse to try it on because my breast feeding chest is too large right now to fit into it. but i want it so.

matriarch skirt
i love the little asian woman all over this mustard skirt.

silken stitches dress
this dress is gorgeous and silky. this picture is not good. the bustier looking top has beautiful stitches representative of jean paul gaultier that i love.

farmer's egg crate
i got this on my dining room table full of eggs. i can't wait to put americauna eggs in it when the chickies i get friday start laying blue and green eggs this spring!!

the non-planner datebook
perfect for non-planners like me.

how have i been in this store tons of times now and not seen those mushrooms?

is this new? or have i missed this too?

i am so excited, next week Christmas is coming to anthropologie! and new windows!!!
have a good week!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Costumes

i am so excited for our costumes this year. last year june was dorthy, and beila was pippi. this year we are all going to dress up, me, popi, june and bee. it will be hilarious. just you wait and see.


Monday Morning Anthropologie will be up, busy busy morning:)

Friday, October 22, 2010


on wednesdays after church we frequently like to go to mod's coffee and crepes. what their name doesn't tell you is that they have gelato. and on wed it is only $2! the place is only a couple blocks from our church on beautiful boston. so while bee is eating her birthday cake gelato(always) and june and i are eating our flavors,(june had b.d. cake too, i had hefewissen) we get to look at the gorgeous downtown architecture and people watch:)

Box in the Mail

popi got the coolest present ever from our friends tim and natasha in LA. rockabye baby does lullaby renditions of the pixies! natasha was in tulsa for the pixies at the brady, so she knew how much i love them. it was so sweet and thoughtful:) thank you natasha and tim!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2 Month Eames Picture

we lost the one month pictures in the eames. hoping they will show up. but here is the 2 month.


last night while leaving a restaurant with my family I ran into an old friend. while we were chatting her date showed up. he was very funny and then all of a sudden he pulled out a "godfather" wad of cash and gave me some money. I tried not to take it, but my friend and husband insisted as this man shoved this money at me. I was so surprised and shocked, and beyond grateful. now I am having a hard time deciding what to do with this blessing. use it on me:) the kids, bills, save it.....I am really torn. what would you do?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10 Weeks

thank you ms kim s.k. for our beautiful hat
photography by free range photography

Loft Living in T-Town

my Greek and Greek goddess were found in another blog down the street, check it out...
absolutely positively 4th street

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

what a beautiful morning in good ole t-town, oh what a beautiful day. i had scrambled eggs and cheese with turkey sausage at queenie's this morning. after our filling breakfast, of course we headed over to anthropologie.

we saw this cute squatty owl cookie jar, it is different then the tall orange one. i can't find it on the website:(

in-the-round tights
everyone needs cute tights for the fall. paired with cute boots or heels...awesome!

raining lines henley
i love henleys, can you tell? pink and white stripes! love!

i wish i could give you a link to this pretty headband. honestly all the head bands in the shop are adorable. go in and try one on.

again, no link. this dress is so pretty with the spanish looking embroidered flowers.
it would be great for winter, spring, summer or fall.

fuzzy woolish throw! i like to pet it.
and amazing colors, this picture is bland.

nonpareil bracelet
i love the beads and sparkles on this, and anything coral colored is a favorite.

i didn't get anything fun this week, i had to go buy an external hard drive for my laptop, too many pictures on my computer, not enough space:) have a great week!