Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow. Snow. Snow.

I hate snow.  There, I said it.  It's cold, it bites, it's wet, it can kill you.  I make my point.  But the crazy kids love it.  And that is unfortunate, because I seem to be the one that finds wet mittens and socks everywhere.  Ba-humbug.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

Shush.  I know it is November.  I've had the longest ear infection ever and now I think my hearing is jacked.  That's a good excuse not to write, right?  
I can't believe I hadn't posted Halloween pics.  This year Beila wanted to be a mummy bride.  Score!  I made a mummy costume 2 years ago for Juniper.  Popi wanted to be Pippi (of course), another awesome deal because I made Bee a Pippi costume ages ago and we had a new wig all the way from Sweden for our little Pippi-freak.  But then there was Juniper.....oh dear.  She decided to be a Pheonix, the mythological on fire self reincarnating from the ashes bird who's tears have healing powers.  Yes, that one.  I don't think it turned out quite like any of us wanted it to:/  Then of course, Popi demanded Marc and I go as Pippi's parents, Captain Longstocking and the Angel, Pippi's dead mom:)  My kids!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

A1C Test

Today was our every otherish month doctor visit for Beila at her endocrinologist.  In these visits we get her A1C tested, she gets weighed, her height measured, and our one on one with Dr. Jelley, whom we adore.  
An A1C percentage is like a batter's average in baseball, it gives us an overall average of Beila's blood sugar levels.  Her blood is put in a machine and it counts the amount of hemoglobin in her red blood cells.  The higher the A1C, the worse her average.  Today she was 8.0%.  Not good, but not terrible, it's almost in the 7's.  We have some work to do.  From the A1C and her blood test charts the doctor figures out if she needs more insulin per carbohydrate or not.  She does, we went up to 16 carbs/1 unit of insulin.
I remember at her diagnosis how I was so worried I would never get the hang of this, how I thought I could never remember all of this stuff.  Funny how I was so wrong.  It's her life in our hands, literally.  Just one mistake is all I could make to send her into a coma, or worse. Glad I'm not completely useless:)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Long time no See.

I know.  I switched blogs, but, I like this one.  It was a good break.  I've been up to new things, the kids have grown, school started, and it's time for Halloween costumes.  
I am sewing a lot of leather lately and this is one of my favorite things, the leather Wonder Woman set at my etsy shop:). This is also how big Popi is now, my big 3 year old!!

Pshhhh, I made BuzzFeed yo.

The other day I was getting these texts about how we were on buzzfeed, totally crazy....
I do think that was one of our best costume 
moments.  Uuhhhh-mazing.

Monday, April 15, 2013

We Have Moved Blogs

We are changing things up a bit here! You can now read of our adventures of having fun while trying to stay alive at See you soon!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Remember that Potty Problem?

Well, it's not an issue anymore. Since Christmas time Popi was using the potty pretty frequently. Then we had a minor setback when we traveled to the Austin area for a weekend, it kinda messed us up. When we got back it took us a few days but we got back in the swing of things pretty fast and only use a pull up for bedtime, but she doesn't soil it at night, it's just for my ease I guess. I don't know if it helps that we cloth diapered or that she has 2 older sisters, but she trained faster than June and Bee. It makes life so much easier!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I am so sick of listening to all this anti-gun bull crap. You will find me looking for the man with open carry to go sit near out in public. You want to know why? He or she will not allow someone with bad intentions get past them, I want to be near the good guy. Most of the media is this country doesn't allow the "good" gun stories out into the public, and there are so many. For instance, did you hear about the woman who's house got broken into while she and her two young sons were at home? She hid in a closet with her gun while on the phone with her husband and 911, without her gun goodness knows what would have become of her and her boys. The man came for them in the closet and she was able to PROTECT her family. The police are slow, we all know that, I have waited hours for police to show up. FYI, the intruder didn't die. Getting rid of guns is not going to get rid of bad people. Just like making drugs illegal doesn't keep people from overdosing or selling them. Mass killings will always happen, people with mental problems will always be in our society, just like that mass stabbing at a school in China. I hate the idea that the govt. wants to take away our liberties that this country was founded on, they take away our weapons they have us in a corner. Isn't anyone else's internal alarm going off at the idea of complete trust in the US govt.?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013, janu

Ahhhh. Finally, in bed. My feet and face have been coconut oiled(unrefined), my new hair cut fanned across the pillow, book freshly downloaded from the library in the iPad, lunches made, breakfasts made, dishes being washed, children asleep in their beds. Joys of joys, my one to two hours a night of "me" time.