Monday, August 13, 2012

Potty Trying

Since the pop tart turned 2 last Thursday and was exhibiting all signs of potty readiness, I took today to try that "potty training in one day" thing. We had tons of salty food with gallons of coconut water to wash it all down with so she would pee frequently, more opportunity to "learn". We had the baby doll pee pee and put on panties, we sang pee pee songs, read pee pee books, watched Japanese pee pee videos, we were set! Popi loved her big girl panties she was wearing and kept those suckers dry. Every five minutes after cups and cups of liquid we would go to the potty, and there in lied the problem, she will not sit on a potty or toilet of any kind. We have two small potties, and a small toilet seat attached to the big toilet, many choices. She wanted nothing to do with them and nothing to do with putting her diapers back on. I knew she must have needed to pee very badly after all that she had drank, but she just kept on holding it till she could no more. She stood in the hall, asked for a towel, then peed on the floor. She's the kinda girl that doesn't like messes so that's why she needed the towel, to wipe up her pee. Back to the drawing board for me, I can't figure out her aversion. First the bathtub, now the toilet. I guess it'll happen someday!