Friday, February 25, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Garden Planning

i'm trying to plan my garden before i order my beans. last year the garden had some problems like a lot of other people i know. this year, one-i'm not pregnant, and two-i will have bees:) i was thinking of trying a three sisters garden in one of my plots. so that takes care of corn, squash and pole beans. i have asparagus planted from last year. i will get tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots. i was thinking of doing a raised bed of leafy greens. i love poached eggs from my "girls" and a nice summer salad for breakfast. i would like to try radishes this year, i love radishes. i need to get potatoes and onions in soon if i want those.
the thing is food prices are going up, gardens like mine might have to be more than a hobby. they might be needed, like the victory gardens of the 40's, our gardens will feed our families and neighbors. i have eggs from my hens, fresh veggies from my garden, and i will have honey from my bees. i hope to freeze and can much food this summer for our winter. it feels good to provide for my family. not only am i giving my children a lesson on agriculture i am giving their bodies nutrients that veggies from the supermercado can't give them. i will be giving them honey that our bees will make us, and they already know where to go get eggs. i love my little urban farm we've been building and adding to. i love feeding my family from our back yard. now i just have to figure how to hide sheep, pigs and cows back there, okay, and a llama too!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Morning Anthropologie

i felt weird about going into anthro today because i was wearing a sweater from there. i didn't want to go in wearing something i bought from there, is that odd...yes, yes it is. so i decided to do shoes!
if we know anything about me it is my love for clogs and cardigans. and many other things, but those two are in my top fashion MUSTS.
almond and indigo heels
t-straps are so cute!
so is cork.

dark and stormy wedges
these aren't normally like me, but they would look so hot on my feet in a mini skirt.

fiery foliates espadrilles
straps around the ankle are so beautiful.

lemon stick wedges
t-strap and leather all rolled up in this morning yellow!

i don't know why i like these. they kinda look like a band-aid. but i like them, i'd wear them with some jeans rolled up a little.

gosh i love shoes, and i wear a size 38eu/8us:)
have a gorgeous week!

26 Weeks

Sunday, February 20, 2011

25 Weeks...last week

random photos of popi's 25th week

6 Months!

our little "poppy seed" is six months old, as of feb 9th. she has gotten so big and funny. she has quite the personality, always laughing and making everyone laugh with her. she even does things to make me laugh on purpose, quite sly she is. and of course she lights up when her sisters are around.

i am so lucky to know such a great photographer to help capture my family on film, free range photography takes the best pictures of my little ones, even when some little teeny one wasn't feeling too well.

Friday, February 18, 2011

perfect evening

when we got home from school in this gorgeous 70-something degree weather, I popped the cork on a bottle of red wine, made a munchie platter of olives, crackers and apples and we all headed to the house who's backyard backs into ours and "happy houred" for four and a half hours. carrots, soy nuts, feta and olive spread, and tamales were waiting for us. we all sat in the sun watching the kids run around, we listened to the the and sinead oconner till it got dark and in the 60's. this is how Fridays afternoons are suppose to be.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Head Hurts

for the past few days i have woken up with a headache. i can't figure it out. maybe it has something to do with this monstrosity in the room next door to mine.

who knows the reason. i do know i can't take anything that makes it go away, tylenol does nothing for me. so i sit and try to keep still.

i can't believe beila sleeps in this bookmess. how does she wake up without a headache?

Monday, February 14, 2011

24 Weeks

from last week....

Monday Morning Anthropologie

in honor of mandatory "buy your special someone something" day, i give you lingerie. i love undies!

the impressionists chemise
i would totally wear this as a summer dress, it gets sooo hot in oklahoma.

harlem symphony set
i love this cami and short set. the birds on a wire are cute and whimsical. hopefully they aren't pigeons, but being named what it is....

sugared grapefruit set
i love a cheeky hipster, a lacy cheeky hipster with a matching non-wired bra? score.

rio lace set
red and sexy. nuff said.

swiss dot hipsters
comfy yet cute everyday undies. cute panties always make you feel prettier.

enjoy the week everyone.


here is a heart for you. my san fran heart. that's miss beebee by the way. i'm not a valentine's day person, never have been. why? i'm not sure. it seems like a day for let down. in grade school i loved decorating my desk and bag/box for valentine receiving, that was fun. in middle and high school we had candy gram things and you could send valentines to your friends, but that was like a popularity contest. if you were popular you got tons, if you were like me you got a couple, some anonymous..yikes. i had a steady boyfriend all through high school, yet we were never really into valentines then either. i like it better like this. i don't have to worry about getting my sweetheart a dorky, thoughtless gift just because a day says so. what's even funnier is that we got married the day before valentines! i give my kids valentines, so what does that say? it says i love them:) happy monday!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Project Restyle

i made these curtains 8 years ago for juniper's nursery. now i use only one panel and so i had another panel left for scrap. i got inspiration from cakies to make a baby doll for popi. juni has a baby i made her, and bee has baby beila made for her from valerie. well popi needed a baby too. she-she is who i came up with made from the old curtain. i think she is kinds cute. now she needs some clothes:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Morning Anthropologie

when it was snowing and freezing last week, when anthro was open for a couple hours, i ran inside while doing a food run at utica. i have a Christmas gift certificate and went to go get a few things on sale. i went to go get an entire different dress, and wound up with this one. i really like it a lot.
it looks so much better on than on that form.

i also got this wonderful fuzzy scottie dog sweater. i love it. so do a lot of girls i know. we could be twinkies! i also got a brown belt to go with my new dress and some warm thermals for the nice weather we were having. i still have some gift certificate left, just so's if i fall in love this spring:)

go-getter pants
such cute pants! maybe all my baby weight will be gone this spring and i can partake of these cuties:)

crossing the stripes dress
this dress is like a tropical flavored candy cane you get at the circus. i can't wait for summer!

enjoy the rest of your week!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is Getting Old

over the weekend things kinda got back to normal. people crept from their houses, grocery stores got restocked, and snow melted from the streets-very slowly. schools still were out and were called on monday too, but not the girls' school! their dad had the privilege of taking them to school monday and tuesday, but today school was out again. it snowed overnight and all day covering our snow and ice ground with fresh powder, enabling me to see my pathways outside, and i guess it screwed up the streets even more. we never left the house. another dutch baby for breakfast with bacon, split pea soup for lunch, and steak for dinner. we all hung out in my bed most of the day. it is nice to be getting along together nicely, but i just want our non-routine back. this is getting so old.

23 Weeks

my adorable pop-sicle. this is from last week, i know i'm late, but i have had to be a sloth:) in all actuality today kalliope is 6 months old, 24 weeks, february 9th. but i'll tell you about last week. she had started sitting up a lot better and sitting herself up when reclined and correcting her posture. i bought her some brandt zwieback toasts for her to chew on during our snowmageddon, it was her first finger food. holy cow! she trembled she was so excited. she's had peas, carrots, butternut squash, oatmeal, apples and bananas. she and i also went swimming before the snow hit. we went to the Y and she wore her little blue fairy swim diaper and we took a dip. she took a big ole shocking gasp as we hit the water and i immediately hugged her tight for security,and after that she calmed down and we kicked-kicked-kicked up and down the pool. her face even went in the water couple times, that shocked her a little but she was a trooper. juni swam for her first time with aunt carrie and i in that same pool many years ago. popi has not touched the snow, unlike her sissies. i guess that is only my fault, i don't want to be out there, so i'm not taking her. well goodness. i might have to put her in her snowsuit and have a picture or 2, huh? this IS her first snow after all.

Monday, February 7, 2011


okay boys and gurrrls, I'm going to be offline for 24 hours... doing a fast. goodbye food, goodbye technology for 24 precious hours. going to spend some time with the Good Book and my Lord. I need it, going to be hard, specially for me, but I need a mind cleanse. "see" you Wednesday morn to tell you how much snow we got. if ya need me, text my hunni pie.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things I Learned About Myself

during our "blizzard" this past week i have learned a few things i didn't know about myself...
-being stuck in a house for over 48 turns me into a sloth
-i am much more patient than i believed possible
-i hate snow(i knew that already, but i REALLY hate it)
-i love my toyota land cruiser
-being stuck indoors while snow surrounds me, i cook very warming and tasty, yet very bad for you foods
-i like not changing my clothes for days on end(i knew that too, but rarely get to full fill my yearning for it:)
-my kids get along more often than not
-i love my chickens so much i am willing to wade through 15" of snow to water and feed them
-after 48 hours being stuck indoors i am willing to walk in the snow, which i hate, to get out of the house.UNBELIEVABLE, but true.
-after five days cooped indoors with my children i get a tad bit irritable, just a tad

i can't believe i didn't use this down time to clean and organize my abode, it was like the snow had mini lasers that shot sloth behavior right into my ears and i had to be lazy. yeah, mini sloth lasers.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh My Snow.

what happened? a week ago i was basking in the nice warm sun outside on the front lawn while children played all around in their t-shirts. oh yeah, i live in OK. cool. i spent monday getting ready for this week, but nothing can prepare you for three children cooped up for 4 days. it is too cold to go out and play and too snowy to play. today we went out! today we saw other humans besides family, and it was nice. the city streets are crazy. i don't know if the streets have been plowed or not, they are packed with snow and everywhere there are cars stuck, covered in snow, stuck at the light, people with shovels, cars pushing other cars. then there are the people walking. they walk in the middle of the street because the snow is packed down there, hauling groceries or pulling them on sleds. then it happened, it snowed again:( good thing i LOVE to cook! y'all keep warm now, ya hear.