Wednesday, March 18, 2009

spring break

i hate spring break, i hate all holidays that school is out. what am i suppose to do with 2 girls who want to run, scream, play in the mud, eat ice cream and yell at me all day who are cooped up in the scooter shop?

we started the day off with family breakfast with the twins at wild fork and ended up being late to work,oops.

we got a shipment of 7 scoots today and the girls both helped me take plastic and bubble wrap off of them and take the cardboard to the back. they are great helpers, but so much energy. then who appeared out of no where? the ice cream man! so we had to get batman for beila and tweety for juniper. i loved the pink panther one when i was a kid. i did opt for the carmel and pecan ice cream bar for myself. energy galore!

bubbe came and took them to her house to dig in the dirt, thank goodness. they played in the dirt all afternoon there. gardening is what we do best a bubbe's.

for dinner we met the twins again, this time at pei wei. beila fell asleep in the car and slept all through dinner anad the ride home. such an exhasting day. i am ready to jump in bed myself.