Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Week...

since the kids got out we have been one busy little fam.

winky-dog riding on my shoulders, it's how he rolls.
the new chicks, savoir faire and speck-tacle.
juni and her horse for her lesson.
juni riding, she was so good. her teacher says she has a natural ability.
we went to stillwater last week too. we played at theta pond.
went to the library. ate at eskimo joe's. went thrifting. we also went to my old
places, like my house i lived in when i was 8.
my elementary school for 3rd and 4th.
my trailer park.
then we went home on old highway51. we got to see the oldest known homestead in payne county, and next door got a tour of the amazing jim thorpe's home.
saturday we went to the dog show at the fairgrounds. the kids loved it.
for lunch the girls and i made a yummy salad from arugula(rocket), kale, beet greens, parsley, and onion tops from the gardens.
later we went to a birthday party at this land. they had yummy watermelon water, a genuine tee pee, and plenty to play on for the kids!
we have started this summer out with quite a bang. lots done and lots more ground to cover. cannot wait!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scooter Sighting

while in stillwater this friday i ran into one of my favorite scooters, a stella. that man behind it was telling me that it wasn't a stella, that it was a vespa. i pointed out the genuine scooter odometer...he said it that it was a "new" odometer. i pointed out the genuine seafoam paint job, the missing genuine scooter brand on the horn cast, this guy was not giving in. the vespa badges are old school badges, a new px has a cursive angular badge not the that one he bought from scooterworks. brand name dude spun some story about buying his "vespa" in italy for 400 lira. either this guy was duped or is really an idiot who needs to rethink lying about the brand of his scooter. dork.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Cal-ee-forn-I-A Trip

i have been so busy. the kids got out of school this week so i am crazy! but here is the break down on our trip...

kalliope's first plane trip:)
we got to go to the cock pit, just like the good ole times.
bathhouse time with carrie at watercourse way.
my new favorite grocery store, milk pail, rocks.
breakfast at dottie's, we waited inline for 45 minutes. it was so worth it! we picked up a dining partner in line, a pregnant gal from singapore. that was fun, we each got a different scramble and shared. i also partook in the rocky road bar:)
pop-star was happy shopping downtown with the gals.
miette in hayes valley, always. ALWAYS.
ocean beach.
it was ummm, windy.
the mission. my favorite place in the city. the food, the shops, the people, yes....the people. i like the people of the mission!!!
carebear's baby shower for her baby girl:)
google lunch, heaven.
playing angry birds on the giant android. it worked! the whole phone worked for reelz.
we even took pictures and emailed to carrie's itty bitty android.
honeyplex photo-op
mmmm, do-nuts........

so i had a great trip, of course. carrie and tal were the perfect hosts, we had fun, ate a bunch of food, got to sit around and do nothing, i love being with my family out on the west coast. pictures not here are of our time in san jose. real quick...we went to a baby convention thingy then i got let loose at the winchester mansion for the afternoon, it was nuts., then popi and i went to san francisco for the evening. glad to be home, it is good to be in my bed:)
i got a welcome home from all these sweet.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


i couldn't have planned this day any better.
my little fairy skipping around picking beans to put in her watering can while wearing heels.

taking a boring chore like folding laundry and making it beautiful.

my entomologist digging for bugs.

tight rope walking with the neighbors.

we had a wonderful saturday. breakfast with family, a beautiful day, folding laundry on the porch, watching the kids play, hamburgers and shakes for lunch, family visits, feeding bees, dinner with neighbors, and tight rope walking. who could ask for anything more? oh yeah, i got a new bed. rock on.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Urban Farm 2011

my garden is so small compared to last years, but, it is very manicured compared to last years. i have potatoes, onions, pole beans, petite pan squash, tomatoes, bell peppers, arugula, asparagus, raspberries, and herbs. the asparagus has had it's week of picking and now it is just growing. this year i dug a trench around the garden and put flat cement bricks around to keep grass out. it has helped a lot. i also am gardening in the chicken coop wintering site. it is a fertilized soil dream. the bees live close to the garden, i hope it helps. i have the 2 hives close to each other, but not too close. there is a big galvanized bucket between them for the bees fresh water. i also put styrofoam peanuts in the water to give the bees floating islands to land on to drink. since this is their new home they have a big mason jar of sugar water shoved in each of their entrances to feed them and make them happy. i wish i could sit out there and watch them but i have to give them their room for right now. i can't wait till they are firmly established so i can sit out there and watch them fly in and out. i swear, watching my chickens outside is one of the most relaxing things i love to do, they entertain me to no end! now i have these insects i am in love with to watch. i have this small working urban farm. it makes me so happy, it makes me feel like i am doing something good for me. besides the hours of endless entertainment my chickens, bees, and garden give me, the nutritional gifts i am given in return are amazing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Travel 101

i have been traveling by myself with babies for over 7 years. it is very daunting. i have been through a lot and i have gained a few tid-bits of advice i would like to share. i guess we can start at the beginning of a babies needs, diapers. we do use cloth diapers, but switch to disposable when traveling. when packing i only pack enough diapers to get me through to our destination. when we are where we are going i go buy diapers for our trip and when coming home i pack the rest up. this way i am not schlepping around pounds of baby gear. speaking of baby gear such as car seats, pack and plays, strollers and such, you can always bring your stuff from home and break your back or arrange to borrow gear from people you know at your destination. if you don't know anyone there are baby gear rental services in larger cities. you pick out what you need online and they deliver it to where you are staying, you pack it up when you are done and they come and pick it up. easy-peasy. i have done both before. this last leg i was able to borrow a stroller and car seat, bumbo, and excersaucer. makes my life sooo much easier. when packing clothes for baby and i, i always pack light and do carry on, i also pack an extra bag for goodies i purchase. we do laundry at least once while gone so we don't have to take a lot of clothes. two pairs of shoes is all i allow myself as well:( carrying a baby around with lots of luggage is not fun, i have cursed myself every time i over pack. i do buy clothes on vacation, even shoes, i then ship everything back through a shipping service the day before that i won't need the next day. what i have left i do check. i cannot be bogged down with luggage. wearing a child in an ergo or bjorn or sling is not easy work, but it is a lot easier for me than dealing with a stroller all through the airport, folding it up, folding it out, up, and out, up and out, putting it through security....arghhhh. security. this was the best trip through security ever this trip. we were treated great. you can bring baby food, with you, water for the baby, breast milk, formula. you lay it out through the x-ray and they might swipe it to see if there is any bomb residue on it. i brought opened yogurt for popi, water in her cup, coconut water, baby food, cheerios, and wholesome snacks for me, but that didn't stop me from enjoying mceedees for lunch. in popi's diaper bag(back pack) i had wipes, diapers, toys, snacks, my wallet, phone, and kindle. let me just take this time to say how much i love my kindle. i can read one handed while nursing or sleeping, it is perfect for mommies! thank you hunni for getting it for me for mother's day:)
so let's see. i carry our luggage on the plane as i carry my baby too. i have a blanket, toys and snacks for baby to play with on the floor while we wait for the plane. we always pre-board when possible so we can sit as close to the front of the plane as we can on an outside seat. we do that so we are close to the bathroom with the changing table up front, and the outside seat is easy for me to get up and down without disturbing anyone. i nurse or bottle feed when the plane takes off and lands to ease pressure on the ears. while in the air it helps to take it easy, be cool and have a little humor. babies are unpredictable! most people understand, don't take it personally if someone doesn't and is being rude to you. we exit the plane and go to the bathroom to change our diaper and use the restroom. at this point getting to your location by public transportation or car is your choice. any who....this is just my experience, yours may be different, it works for me!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Morning Anthropologie

hullo boys and gurrls. even though tulsans now have their own anthro, it doesn't mean i quit going in other states. as i hit palo alto, so i did the spa, then onto anthro. there is always things to see.

i had to pick one.

this dress rocks, but the back is even cooler.


paper flowers, gorgeous.

and of course paper poppies:)

enjoy your week. i'mma comin' home manana!


blogger was down for awhile, huh? i flew out to the bay area thursday and didn't know how to tell you. then my blogging app on my genius phone wasn't working. so here i am at my carebear's house chillin', eatin', and shoppin'. just thought i'd let you know. btw, pop-star and i having a morning dance party to alphabeat and lovin' it! we heart this song....hole in my heart.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

a lot of times i look at my life and i wonder how it got to be where it is at. it has not turned out the way i thought it would, or did it? i always knew i wanted children, i am not sure why i wanted them, i guess i thought that is what grown-ups did. they go to college, get married, buy a house, and have kids. that is what you do. i didn't realize you had a choice. i am not a "kid person", i know that sounds odd coming from a mom of three, but i don't like children in large quantities. don't get me wrong, i fell in love with my kids the day the pee stick told me i was with child, and i love all my friends' offspring, i just don't understand them. the problem is i remember being a kid, i remember my imagination, i remember my mind as a child, and i also remember knowing i was going to loose it all. how can i know and not know all at the same time? maybe i am jealous of children, who knows. anyways....that was a ramble. it is mother's day, and i am truly blessed. i would never change my life, i have three beautiful, smart, healthy, bright and incredible girls. i would and do everything i can to make sure they stay smiling. without them i would not be a mom, without them i would not get up in the morning, without them i would not be complete. even though my life is different than imagined, it is completely what i imagined. i'm talking crazy, huh? well, i hope all you moms out there had a wonderful day filled with love made from colored construction paper and glue stick. i know i did, and do...every day of my wonderfully wonderful life.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

38 Weeks

miss lil popi is growing, sorta. she is still so small, i love it! she has no teeth, does not crawl, or try to, and does not pull up. but, she plays on the floor by herself really well, loves music and likes to sway and boogie to it. she likes scrambled eggs, yogurt, acorn squash, and ripe bananas. she gets excited to see her poppa bear now, she wiggles and giggles and reaches out for him, so cute. when i bring her into bed in the morning for nursing she cranes her neck around to look for her poppa, she knows he's there. her eyes are blue, a blue outside and hazel/green center, they are beautiful. it is so odd, all three of my girls have different colored eyes. juni has caramel/hazel eyes, bee has dark chocolate eyes, and popi has blue. love the differences! oh and yes, those are her real eyelashes, no makeup or photoshop:)

My Record Collection

cat stevens' mona bone jakon is one of my favorite albums ever.
it has many stupendous songs on it. cat stevens is a musical Greek god and i have had a super duper big crush on the 1970's cat stevens since forever, maybe that's why i like Greeks;)
i love so many songs off this lp, so i had to post 2. i wish they were both live performances, but i couldn't find trouble live. the live performance of lady d'arbanville is so awesome. cat stevens is so hot. (SHOUT OUT to my hottie hot hot Greek! I love you babe!) trouble was on the sountrack to harold and maude, my favorite movie of all time. the video is the clip with the song in the movie. spoiler alert: if you have not seen harold and maude, 1: shame on you, 2: go watch it, like now, and 3: don't watch the clip. the song trouble is not only one of the most gut wrenching songs ever but so beautiful and poignant. it triggers feelings deep inside of me, i want to shut the world out when i hear it, turn it up, sing really loudly and cry. i love that song. enjoy:)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vintage Kiddo Collective!! I'm Giving Away!

gift certificate to my etsy store. check it out:)

Weight Loss!

most of you know i have been working hard since november to loose some baby weight. guess what?! i have lost 14 lbs!! so 15 would be the rejoicing number normally, but what i am excited about is what number i'm under now, i am 119:) i am sure that after breastfeeding i will loose more poundages as well, but right now i am so happy! i fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and i am so much happier for it. also my barbarella body is still being sculpted, seeing muscle definition really gets me to the gym on time. i want that coveted midsection. i asked anissa, my trainer, if i would forever be going to the gym now, she said yes. there goes many hours i could be swinging on the porch!