Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spider Mites?!

my tomato crop, along with my neighbor's, is almost nonexistent. i want to put my hands on my hips, stamp my size 8 foot, and squeal at my plants that "it is not fair!" where are my summer tomatoes that are usually overflowing into my friend's and neighbor's hands? i want to eat a fresh tomato from my garden. i have gathered about 12 cherry tomatoes, and 3 large ones out of 6 plants. 6 plants that have yellowed leaves, brown limbs, and almost no flowers. "spider mites!" wendy in the house behind me said, "we will all have to treat at the same time." none of us use chemicals, what do we do? we all have them, they fly through air like a superhero looking for wonderful gardens to torture. so now we are stuck with spinach, cucumbers, jalapenos, and awaiting the arrival of sweet corn. but i want a tomato.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

june 28th
i have no clue what is going on here. they totally gutted the place, and i guess they are putting in new lighting? who knows, but i could hear the impact wrench all through breakfast of "berried treasure french toast" and coca-cola at queenie's. don't hate, all you mommies out there in cyberland. the doctor said i could have caffeine once a day, and i abstained throughout the first 2/3rds of my pregnancy.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

32 Weeks

my gorgeous Greek and i went to the closest ikea this weekend for some much needed storage solutions for our ever expanding family. it was a nice little get a way for us. we stayed in a cute little modernish hotel called aloft. a-dorable. went to uncle julio's with the best ever chips for dinner, shared beef fajitas and a flan. went back to the hotel and slept in till 10am! at ikea we had the regular $1.99 breakfast before we went a-hunting. we got everything we needed and got out of there 4 hours later. whew! it's great to be home and put my swollen feet up and watch true blood.

it's great to make it to 32 weeks without giving birth to a child. i had been a little nervous because i had 2 people close to me give birth around 32 weeks within the last couple months. everything is good with them, their babies are home now, but it is always a scary thought in the back of my mind that i might have to experience the same thing. i'm holding strong as far as i can tell, i know i should be off my feet more but that is hard for me to do keeping 2 kids entertained for the summer, nesting, and working at the shop.

we'll see what our doctor has to say about me this week!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Streamer Frock Grosgrain Giveaway

holy schmoly i want this....sorry i copied val:)

The Streamer Frock Grosgrain Giveaway

My Penguin Water Carbonator

i got a new toy today. well it's not a toy really but an essential kitchen tool now. in our house we drink a lot of carbonated water. that means lots of recycling of pellagrino bottles, perrier bottles, or whatever carbonated water bottle being brought into the house. we saw the penguin at williams-sonoma and registered for it. i got it today:) it comes with 2 glass carafes, and 2 refillable co2 cartridges you can recharge williams-sonoma for $15. you put cold tap water in your bottle, put it in the penguin, press the nose till it "whistles" at you the right amount of bubbles and voila! you have sparkling water. add juice of concentrates and you can have homemade sodas and sparkling juice. i am so excited to be able to have my water anytime now and to make it for my family.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beila-Bee Turns 4 Years OLD!!

yesterday we celebrated Beila's 4th birthday. we had friends and family over to eat cupcakes and ice cream, and play in the blow up pool with the giant water octopus. each year i ask the girls what kind of cake they want and then theme the birthday around that. this year bee wanted a unicorn cake with flowers around the horn. i make them each a dress that has to do with their theme, and decorate the cake as they wished, and one of my home town besties, Kristen, makes a birthday hat to match. the hats have always been the highlight of the birthday parties. kristen puts so much into each one, we have quite the collection now between the 2 girls. the dresses i make are usually whipped up the day of the party and quite homespun looking, but it makes me feel good. this year i was tired/pregnant and didn't have time or the energy to make a unicorn like she asked, so i decided to do cupcakes with a unicorn topper. after looking all morning for unicorn stickers without any luck i gave up and decided to make a stamp.

i carved the little unicorn with an exacto and cut my finger in the process, i thought i was smart enough to remember to cut away from myself! but they turned out okay.

i think we had 12 kids running around in the water and in the house. the pool quickly turned into a mud bath. i don't think anyone minded though, the kids had a blast. beila-bot got some fabulous gifts; she got barbies, barbie car, dress up clothes, books, a homemade unicorn themed outfit from "wowie", and fingernail polish. i even got a fabulous gift from my friend allison who just got back from NYC, 20 grams of beautiful smelling saffron, what an awesome gift from one weird foodie to another. thank you everyone!!

even though we celebrated yesterday, today is her birthday. i gave birth to that little toot on june 23rd, 2006. she has been a blessing, of course! i asked her where she wanted to eat breakfast before i took them to school, she wanted to eat at our favorite farmer's fast food restaurant. i had a delightful breakfast burrito and coffee, and both the girls wanted yogurt. easy peasy!
pudding tasting yogurt, tasty frozen berries, and packaged granola = yummy breakfast

bee modeling the amazing outfit wowie made. beila is such a little princess, such a girl. happy birthday to my mini me beila-bot!!! i love you:)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bluberry, Blackberry, and Raspberry Morning

we (juniper, beila, my mom and i) went to Thunderbird Berry Farm this morning before we took the girls to school today. we chose to go to thunderbird because they had all the berries. first we picked raspberries, then blackberries, then blueberries. we ran out of time for strawberries. we hadn't been blueberry picking in a couple years, i guess. it was about time to go and my friend Valerie reminded me in her blog that it was time! we love the raspberries and blackberries the best. i went to braum's and bought some cream to pour over our stash tonight:)

bee and me
oklahoma blueberries

i asked juni to take a picture of me, this is what we ended up with

juni's blackberry bucket

juni and bubbe, it was wonderfully over overcast this morning
we had 2 bags full of berries, all for a whopping $10! we had a lot of fun stomping through the mud and picking this morning, we might go back for more:)

Friday, June 11, 2010

week 30

my head hurts. i am laying in bed rubbing my head wondering why it hurts, then i remembered, i got hit in the head with a rock. really.

so much is going on. the Greek is working on a music festival for the end of july, our wedding reception party is tomorrow, we have a nursery to get started, i have a scooter shop to run, the Greek's businesses to help with, kids to summer entertain, sewing to do, a garden to keep, chickens to tend to, the BIG game tomorrow at 12.30....the list goes on. i did get a nice phone call from my ob nurse telling me i do not have gestational diabetes, but i already knew that. baby girl is kicking up a storm and hiccups every once in awhile. i have gained 16 pounds and a varicose vein i caught in san francisco(like you wanted to know that). it'll go away, i told it to.

the Greek's second "family" is here from portland, ore for our wedding reception. they threw him a little impromptu baby shower the other night. they got us some very nice things, and he probably had no clue what they were. we got an ergo carrier with infant insert, glass bottles and silicone covers, cloth diapers, toys, handmade onsies, and other necessities. he'll learn fast:)
juni took this pic of me the other night after a yummy wet burrito at rio verde.

well. i am happy in bed watching the karate kid with my legs propped up, being a good girl. maybe i'll go to bed early.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FAILED- Glucose Test

my first hour is about up on my 3 hour glucose test i am taking today because i flunked my first one. my empty, hungry stomach is still reeling from my bottle of syrupy, orange liquid i downed not too long ago. i do not want to vomit. an hour or so ago the very skilled phlebotomist painlessly withdrew a vial of blood from my blood bank port on my arm, then she told me to drink. i always dread the glucose test. my first pregnancy i passed. with beila i flunked and got to experience the 3 hours of hell blood test for the first time. i passed and knew i never wanted to do that again. this glucose test time around i thought for sure i would pass, until my doctor's office called me monday and told me i needed to take the extended version. i politely asked what would happen if i refused, she replied that i would be in store for some diabetic counseling. okay, glucose test it is. now i am sitting here in the lab with a nauseated stomach, and orange flavored burps.

hour two is steadily ticking by with another hole in my arm. my stomach is still doing flip flops, and my burps are popping every once in awhile. i want to lay down and eat oatmeal. but for now, i have my laptop, pregnancy magazines swiped from my ob office, bench seating, and my shoes off. i hope i don't offend any of the peeps walking in and out of here.

third stick. this one stung. rain boots off, back on my bench, getting ready to watch more glee. my stomach doesn't hurt that much anymore, less burps, but i sure am hungry. i still want that oatmeal. would it have been overkill to have brought a blanket to snuggle up in?

getting ready for my fourth stick and then i'm off! will it be nap time or phat phillies? i am starving, food then nap you say. so be it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


after i picked the kiddos up from school today, we headed off to nam hai, an asian supermercado wonderland in east tulsa. i needed spoons, yup, those spoons. i need them for my wedding reception party this weekend! i bought 15.

i cannot remember if i have or have not taken the munchkins here before. i used to buy baby juni roasted nori here for her to munch on, so maybe she's been here...

i told them they could each pick out a treat when we got there. i also told them that they might think it would smell. they obviously thought it smelled bad, which it does. i wonder, is it all the dried and live fish everywhere?

they also wanted their pictures taken with the lions outside, but not while anyone was watching. juni is very sensitive to embarrassment right now, she would be mad like that little girl on the soy flavored snack package if i embarrassed her.

june picked out a package of mini puff pastry filled with chocolate for her treat. bee picked out chocolate pocky, and i picked out pineapple flavored marshmallows with a gooey pineapple center! tasty, i know. we also got two different types of tapioca, one rainbow colored to make bubble tea drinks and one to make good ole tapioca pudding. we'll see how that turns out.

went to my my first quilting bee group meet-up tonight at my friend monika's house. we are making her a quilt. i get to do pink and oranges for my panel. i can't wait to go fabric shopping!!! wheee!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

i have been taking pictures of the anthropologie space in utica square every monday when i am there to see how the process is going. this is what i have so far.

in the beginning there was a sandstone brick facade and pergolas covered in beautiful wisteria.

may 27, pergola and wisteria gone

june 2, sandstone gone

june 7, today, i am not sure of what work they did, i think there was something being built.
i will try to get in the green fence pictures soon.

anywho...i need to put up more CA vacation pics....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Nestldown Wedding Pics

beebee fairy

here are a few pics from photographer Pixie @Pixie Vision Productions

aunt carrie and juni fairy

my Greek and i

beila giving her seester kisses

did someone say "hold still"?

aunt carrie and beila

wedding marching

she's all grown up, my carebear

buggy and carebear

Bat in my Bed

there is a bat in my bedroom. my Greek is hunting him. i woke up at 3.45am thinking a child was coming in my room to visit, when no child showed up i got up to see what the noise was. nothing was amiss, my Greek was up working late and not near the bedrooms. i sat on the edge of the bed to think and go back to sleep, but i saw something out of the corner of my eye a fluttering. then the fluttering started to do laps! a bat in my bedroom. i ran out and closed the door behind me. i called for my Greek and googled "bat in my bedroom". now he's in there trying to catch it just in case the bat messed with me in my sleep, we'll have it tested. i hate rabies shots!