Thursday, March 31, 2011

MJ Experience

we went over to bianca's house today after school to play on the wii. the girls have been interested in the king of pop for awhile and juni has been trying to moonwalk. when bianca found this out we were invited over to have a mj experience! we all took our turns shaking our groove thang and i maybe even broke a sweat. like many things the girls got tired and gave up trying to keep up with my smooth moves. i really need to invest in one of those wii things!

take a gander at that tongue!

popi got into the music, moving her body and arms.

loved watching her bootie shake


"because i'm bad, i'm bad, you know it!"

Popi's First Road Trip at 33 Weeks

popi and i accompanied poppa bear to our state capitol the other day for popi's first road trip. she was stellar! slept on the way there and on the way back. after errands we went to a cloth diaper store in okc to pick up some few odds and ends because our local store here closed:( then we went to arcadia down route 66 to eat lunch at pops! the food is not the best or anything but it is just fun to go, there are over 500 different bottled sodas to choose from. i also get a malt with my burger, i normally don't get malts with meals, it is a treat. they have a giant led soda pop bottle outside that lights up at night, kitschy.

topping it off on the way home is the round barn, so pretty.

Monday, March 28, 2011

32 Weeks, last week

i think a beila got a hold of my phone and went kalliope happy:)

Monday Morning Anthropologie

if i were to redo my bathroom right now, i would use these items in my all white porcelain bathroom.

le versha chair
i would need somewhere to sit and paint my toenails.

viceroy velvet curtain
my bathroom would be mainly white and yellow!! i love yellow.

tulip tree mirror
i need to look at myself in the mirror when i braid my hair.

butterflies framed art
i love the blue and yellow. the blue would also help break up the yellow in my bathroom.

paeonia wallpaper
let's do just one wall in this bright bold print. don't want to wake up too bright!

nestled ring dish
i'd like to put my rings in this.

cherry blossom chandelier
this chandelier would make my day.

sweet as honey rug
i can imagine my toesies burrowing in this pile. it would make me happy to step out of the shower onto this beaut.

all of these things would look great in my bathroom! waking up to a yellow cloud of happy face washing would be a dream:) have a good week!

Happy Monday

Sunday, March 27, 2011

let me hear your body talk....

image from google images c/o
all of a sudden i want to walk around raising my shirt up to show off my abs to everyone just like
remember how i told you one of my goals was to have a body like barbarella? besides losing my baby weight i want barbarella's body. i have been working out like crazy. well, at least twice a week. but more importantly i have a trainer, my brother's woman-anissa. without her i would be walking the treadmill to nowhere by myself and not have the well defined 2-pack i have right now!!! she works me out, man. we do 30 or so minutes of cardio, stairmaster or bikes, then we do arm weights for 20 or so minutes. after all that easy work we head to the floor mats and anissa tortures me. we do crunches on the ground, crunches on the ball, reverse crunches, these side crunch things on my elbow, tossing a ball to each other while in a "V" position, this same position we move the ball from side to side, she makes me do some heinous pilates moves and this thing she calls a suitcase. geez.
i cannot believe i can see definition in my body, it makes me so excited and motivated. i enjoy working out with her. ahhhhh, baby is crying...night night....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Liebster Love, Pass It On

i received a very wonderful blog award from my friend petra over at sew paint create. petra lives in oregon with her husband and two children, and makes these amazing quilts. i am very honored that she chose me for an award:) thanks petra!
part of the liebster awarding is that it is given by small bloggers(less than 300 followers), and then in turn you give it to 2-5 small blogs(less than 300 followers) that you read. you link back to your awarder and awardee and in turn makes a big chain of blogs you could follow that you might have never read. kinda fun, huh?

my first liebster goes to crystal at Let's Abra-Ka-Do THis
she blogs about her cute son christian, see he's adorable.....
she also writes about yummy Korean food, fitness, and just daily daily all in a funny, down to earth way which i love reading about, especially the Korean food! her musings make me laugh.
so crystal, congratulations, from me to you!


i just kinda realized i have been ignoring my blog. i have been playing outside in this bee-ootiful weather or reading in my spare time. i am re-reading the clan of the cave bear series so i will be all fresh for the new book that comes out within days. they are some of my favorite books and i enjoy reading them so much. spring break was nice, i still have to post pictures of the girls' room, we played outside a lot, stayed up with the neighbors till midnight one night, and chilled. we went to our friend's house one day to say hi, and popi and her friend kate got to play....well, they got to lay on the floor with each other.

aren't they cute. kate is in floral, popi in the red skirt.

and the girls always love to read...
this is a new reading spot i guess....

digging in the garden has been fun as always. i double fenced my asparagus and look what popped up out of the ground, my first spear. i know it sounds sooo cliche, but it was the best asparagus i have ever eaten, so buttery and soft and crunchy. wow. i bought new fencing for the garden so i can fence it then plant. have to keep the chickens out. bought ferns for the front porch, things are looking springy. i am loving this. i have a ton of stuff to do, painting the house, fencing off the driveway, pulling out bushes, planting a flower bed.....and it all makes me happy!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bedroom Before

Scooters....oh how i miss you

we closed the scooter shop. it took a lot to close it. a lot of emotion. we thought we would reopen, but i can't work full time any more. we had the best staff on hand that we had ever had when we closed. so guess what. we kept them. my sales guy bartends for us and our mechanic works for my dad now somewhere else. it was a hard decision to make. but a decision that i think is the best. i miss the customers, i miss putting people on the best scooters made in the world. i do not miss the bad customers, the people who just want to make your life hell for no reason. the drama that came with scooters was ridiculous. i am glad to be away from the heart of it all. i feel happy to focus on myself now. i will always stand by the brands we carried, i know we carried the best brands in the market. intense research allows me to know this. i never felt like a sales person doing my job, i was matching people up with a scooter. we carried bajaj, kymco, and genuine. the easiest scooter to sell ever was a buddy 125 by genuine scooters. it was easy to sell because that scooter sells itself. the price is great, the warranty great(which you never have to use.), colors vibrant, accessories abundant, the buddy 125 is perfect for most people. i myself own a bajaj chetak which you can't get anymore. i fell in love with lafawnda in 2003. i had to have her. i even had her stolen once, the idiot came into the shop looking for parts for her! i drove a kymco people 50 before her, that is an amazing scooter too. if i could give anyone advice on buying a scooter it would be this...
never buy a chinese scooter, and yes taiwan is VERY different than china. the taiwanese make the best scooters. make sure you buy from a local scooter dealer, a place that has a mechanic, a place where the people who work there ride scooters too. never buy a scooter online, ever. don't get talked into a higher displacement, a 150 is usually good for most people. take a scooter or motorcycle safety class, it will improve your driving ability 100%. don't think that you can hop on a manual or automatic scooter and just drive it, i have seen soooo many people wreck scooters the first time they sit on it, even experienced motorcycle riders. i would always step by step take a person through the throttle and driving it. scooters are very peppy and will throw you, especially a stella, she'll do a wheelie on you without asking. and don't be cocky on a scooter.

it looks like that guy is standing on my passenger seat.
i take my riding seriously. i am a mom of three, no matter how hot it is, i always wear jeans, leather shoes or boots, riding jacket, gloves and a helmet. i would love to look like audrey hepburn in roman holiday breezing around, but my body is too important. if i go down, and i have been down, i will have my skin intact and my head protected. you will go down, it is just a matter of when. both of my brothers have totaled scooters, and my parents got t-boned on their scooter by a car. luckily, we all ride safe.

lafawnda and i

i need to pull her out of hibernation and go on some rides, i can't wait to hear her rumble!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it's only one o clock

I have gotten up, bathed a baby, went to get my coffee and cinamelt from mceedees, went to lowes and got screws and laundry line, dropped off toys and books at goodwill, went to the aquarium store to get water for kristen's fish tank, went to SAMs to get supplies for cellar dweller and crystal pistol, went downtown took half my load down the steep stairs to the c.d., went to c.p. and dropped their stuff off, went to kristen's and fed fish and dropped off fish water......all while hauling my popi with me. I feel like superMom:)

Monday, March 14, 2011


Monday Morning Anthropologie

nice wonderful evening, except for the freezing part outside.
well, even with my queenie's gang in sante fe right now, i went to our monday breakfast haunt without them, before i went to anthro then to their house to feed the fishies. my mom in law went with popi and i. poor little thing got her sissy's coughs and fever. my throat is even tingling a little, ah-hem. i stopped by my favorite pretty things place and had a looksie after my english muffin and marmalade.
extended shirt dress
i love cobalt blue right now. and normally i am opposed to brass anything, but those brass buttons down the front are so purdy.

ice pop shirt
lovely lovely light fabric with lovely lovely stripes.

wiltern dress
i heart the detail on this neckline. the back is beautiful too. bonus bonus! pockets!!

daily brights satchel
cobalt blue wins my heart. love it. can you say "pop!"?

giraffe stack pots
these things are adorable. i want to plant herbs in them.

greys and yellows live together in perfect harmony. again, pockets! i can't wait to put on spring dresses.

have a good week folks. mine will just get warmer and better. the girl's bedroom is painted, and i have some decorating to do before they get home wed. i can't wait!

My Dream

you know how "they" say food prices are going up, cotton is going up, and so on and so on and scooby dooby do? well, i had this weird dream that mushrooms were super dooper expensive and i was so sad because i couldn't afford mushrooms. to me, the dream was clear and specific. sacha, you must grow mushrooms. my garden is growing right before me eyes....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break

shhhhhhh...don't say anything to the girls, but while they are at their dad's for spring break, we are redoing their bedroom. new paint, new curtains, new beds, new bed sets, new rugs, new!! they will be so excited!!!

30 Weeks

she is getting so big. 7 months old now as of the 9th. i weighed her when i took juni to the dr, she weighs a whopping 15 pounds. she smiles all the time and talks, talks, talks. she now will sit and play by herself for a longer period of time. bathing is getting easier for me:) she still has no teeth and doesn't eat solid food everyday. i try but sometimes she just wants to nurse instead. her eyes are staying blue we think. that's fun, juni has hazel/brown eyes, bee has chocolate brown, and popi has blue!