Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rainy days...

Ughhhhh. I have just put the girls in time out for the 2nd time in a 15 minute span. Rainy days at the scooter shop means no outside, indoor activities only. So there ends up being many physical fights over crayons and coloring books and dress up items. I go and investigate and Beila is the one who seems to have the upper hand, I always have to watch her closely. She'll poke someone's eye out.

I think I am coming down with another cold. Netti pot and Oscillococcinum are my friends. Together we combat the tickling of my throat. So far this year we have been very healthy. No flu, as of yet, and not too much of the snotty nose virus has infiltrated our house.

We went to our favorite pumpkin patch out west this past weekend and had a ball as always. Marc followed the girls around with his iPhone taking video as the played with the goats. We also went on a hayride, ran through a hay maze about a dozen or so times, picked out our pumpkins, had hot chocolate, ate an odd shaped funnel cake, and forced an older woman to get out of the white bench so we could take our annual photo on it. We gave it back to her eventually.

Well it's almost time to go home. We are going to M.A. Doran Gallery before we go home. Kreg Kallenberger, a family friend, has a new exhibit there. I better call Marc and let him know he's going:)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nothing Going On

Nothing is going on. Weather keeps on changing, sunny to rain, to cloudy then sun. We had fall break last week and went to the zoo with Olive and Calder, the free range twins. That is Olive in the background with Juni and Beila. We are preparing to pull out our winter coats at any time now.

The girls father and new wife just bought a house and the girls have been moving.
They now live part time with a bulldog and another cat. They are excited.

School has been great. The girls had their parent teacher conferences. Of course they are smart little whips, a Montessori education is the best. Juniper will be moving to the elementary school in January, and Beila is learning to write her name and continues to make her teachers laugh with her vocabulary. June is continuing with her piano, and both girls take weekly swim lessons. Yes, we are very busy little girls!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Stuck at the FAir

I am stuck out at the Tulsa State Fair, in our scooter booth, with head cold. I feel like I am in a bag of cotton candy. Stopped up, can't hear or see straight, and tired to boot. I feel I have done okay with my food choices so far. Sliced caramel apple slices for breakfast, then a smoked pork loin sandwich for lunch, all washed down with coffee, $10 gone. I have many more booths of food to visit.
The girls are at school, my dad will be picking them up after swim lessons and entertaining them till my day time fair shift is over. Juni has lost 2 teeth this year, and another is loose. She just turned 6, not 2 weeks ago! Where is my baby girl gone to? My little Beila is growing too. She is sassy and smart just like her big sister. I am in for so much trouble. I need more memory for my computer so I upload more photos. On my list to do....