Thursday, December 29, 2011

This isn't even half

I am cleaning out my closet. I have shoes everywhere, so I thought I would line them up and match them. Holy. Cow. Right there is about 40 pairs, and that isn't even half....I knew I had a problem, but, wow. These are from my closet in my bedroom. Now for my other closet. Wow.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Favorite Ornaments

For my first Christmas by my self I had no ornaments and very little money. So I bought random craft supplies and had friends over! This is a whale made by my then ten year old friend maddie. It is made from poster board and paint. It is so fabulous and will always have a huge spot on my tree reserved for it! Yay for whale decorations in your tree!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Favorite Ornaments

I heart this one. My first mil(Juni and bee's granny) Jann gave it to me long long long time ago. It is just so pretty and detailed. Love love love!

Favorite Ornaments

I got this from an ornament exchange awhile back, my friend Lauren made it, I love it. No one else has one like it:)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh, by the Way...

Our little pop-tart is 16 months old. She is taking steps independently now. She is climbing into chairs so she can sit in them after she yells at you to get out of it, she thinks all chairs are hers. There is the climbing up and down stairs, over and over again, she's all over! Her favorite food is cheese, after waking up it is the first thing she asks for, and when we have blueberries and strawberries she is asking for those. For a month now she has been eating with a fork and spoon like a grown up, seriously a grown person. I give her cereal with milk in the morning some days and she just eats it, I don't even have to put a bin on her, she just eats it with her spoon. When she eats with a fork her aim is true! Her hand-eye coordination is crazy! She still loves to play piano, carry purses, try on shoes, and huh on her babies. She has lots of words, duck, dog, cat, chicken, cow, shoe, sock, diaper, hat, eye, nose, mouth, tongue, ear, water, milk, blueberry, cracker, cookie, cheese, bottle, juice, eat, car, baby, chair...oh goodness, I could go on:). She is getting so big, not physically so much but mentally, she still is under 20 lbs at 17 lbs. Someday she'll get bigger, but right now it's easy to haul her around on my hip still!

Favorite Ornaments

It's my gummi bear I got in Germany. It's my absolute favorite ornament.

Getting ready for Christmas

Okay okay. I know I haven't been very social lately. I am sorry. Getting ready for Christmas and family/friends takes up a lot of time and I am always in much need of sleep. This year I am making bags like our friend Petra does up in Oregon. I hate wrapping presents, so this is a great idea. After I finish my supply, I will never have to wrap Christmas present for the kids again! So don't forget me! Just pretend I am running around fueled by coffee in red striped jammies with an elf hat on! If you look fast you won't have to pretend:)