Friday, October 2, 2009

Stuck at the FAir

I am stuck out at the Tulsa State Fair, in our scooter booth, with head cold. I feel like I am in a bag of cotton candy. Stopped up, can't hear or see straight, and tired to boot. I feel I have done okay with my food choices so far. Sliced caramel apple slices for breakfast, then a smoked pork loin sandwich for lunch, all washed down with coffee, $10 gone. I have many more booths of food to visit.
The girls are at school, my dad will be picking them up after swim lessons and entertaining them till my day time fair shift is over. Juni has lost 2 teeth this year, and another is loose. She just turned 6, not 2 weeks ago! Where is my baby girl gone to? My little Beila is growing too. She is sassy and smart just like her big sister. I am in for so much trouble. I need more memory for my computer so I upload more photos. On my list to do....

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