Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

remember running around looking for eggs? this is the first year i have ever hid eggs.
i know, i know...juni is almost 7 years old, and i have never hid eggs myself? well, someone has always done it for me. i was quite excited to do this traditional deed. i went to the local health food store to buy "healthy" jelly beans, gummi bears, gummi worms, and chocolates. goodness knows if they are going to stuff their faces with sugar, let it be real sugar. HA!
i hid them at my aunt and uncle's house after church. i cannot believe it was a hard to task, but it was. then we shuffled the kids out with my Greek, his brother, and my dad trailing along to take pictures of the girls. i had to point out what i thought were obvious brightly colored eggs in obvious spots. oops:)

well, 20 weeks is here, and my belly is bulging, even more so after i indulged in the Easter spread my aunt layed out. my little Greek baby is moving around like a synchronized swimmer now. he/she better be cooporative this wednesday when we peek at 'em. my Greek has been inviting everyone to the ultrasound. i am afraid there will be 50 or so people there at the doctor's office waiting to find out the sex with us. he is so excited, as am i. if i have a little girl i am prepared in a way. a little boy is so different and frightning to me. so many people say boys are easier than girls, who am i to know? 2 little girls have been my life for almost 8 years.

my beautiful, healthy, oh so smart, and wickedly manipulative little girls!
maybe a boy would be a nice breathe of fresh air....

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