Sunday, January 15, 2012

17 Months

Time flys when you are busier than all-get-out. (what does that mean anyways?). Our little pop-tart is getting so big, well, not so big as older....ugh. Popi is still a little thing. 18 pounds of laughing, talking, coloring, baby carrying, book reading, cheese eating, pure toddler. Her favorite foods has held firm, cheese(smoked Gouda) and blueberries. We have now added cold cereal to this list. In the morning she wakes up and asks for "seal". Not that she doesn't eat other foods, it's just those are her favorites. She still loves shoes, jewelry, purses, and baby dolls. She got a keyboard for Christmas so she now has her own "piano" to play on, she loves making music. Since the weather has been so mild she also likes to go "'side" to play in the sand box with the big girls. She really is getting so "big", playing outside, eating with a fork and spoon, "reading" books, coloring, talking in the phone, picking her shoes out for the day, telling me "no" with a shake of her little head. I hope she will learn to say the affirmative soon. The best is over Christmas break she learned to walk. I am so proud:). She sure did take her time learning, it was nice she took her time but I am happy now I don't have to carry her everywhere! Okay, I'll stop jabbering on. Y'all have a nice day now!


P├ętra said...

Oh wow she looks like a toddler now! I can see so much of Mark in her but luckily she looks like you too ; )
Miss you guys!

Kristi Roe Owen said...

Yay. She's so sweet. Artie didn't walk until fifteen months, then suddenly started walking during Wilco at bonnaroo that summer, making his dad eternally proud...I read that doctors now think temperament has more to do with it than you might think...he was really mellow and just didn't care. Lucy is really happy and gregarious and impatient, and she is already walking with help. Love that Popi.