Thursday, January 10, 2013


I am so sick of listening to all this anti-gun bull crap. You will find me looking for the man with open carry to go sit near out in public. You want to know why? He or she will not allow someone with bad intentions get past them, I want to be near the good guy. Most of the media is this country doesn't allow the "good" gun stories out into the public, and there are so many. For instance, did you hear about the woman who's house got broken into while she and her two young sons were at home? She hid in a closet with her gun while on the phone with her husband and 911, without her gun goodness knows what would have become of her and her boys. The man came for them in the closet and she was able to PROTECT her family. The police are slow, we all know that, I have waited hours for police to show up. FYI, the intruder didn't die. Getting rid of guns is not going to get rid of bad people. Just like making drugs illegal doesn't keep people from overdosing or selling them. Mass killings will always happen, people with mental problems will always be in our society, just like that mass stabbing at a school in China. I hate the idea that the govt. wants to take away our liberties that this country was founded on, they take away our weapons they have us in a corner. Isn't anyone else's internal alarm going off at the idea of complete trust in the US govt.?

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Sara said...

I completely agree with you. I like the analogy of "my spoon made me fat". I grew up around guns and have several in our home. We learned about safety, respect, and responsibility when it comes to firearms.

The people who want to do evil will find a way to do evil. It's against the law to murder, but it still happens everyday.