Monday, October 7, 2013

A1C Test

Today was our every otherish month doctor visit for Beila at her endocrinologist.  In these visits we get her A1C tested, she gets weighed, her height measured, and our one on one with Dr. Jelley, whom we adore.  
An A1C percentage is like a batter's average in baseball, it gives us an overall average of Beila's blood sugar levels.  Her blood is put in a machine and it counts the amount of hemoglobin in her red blood cells.  The higher the A1C, the worse her average.  Today she was 8.0%.  Not good, but not terrible, it's almost in the 7's.  We have some work to do.  From the A1C and her blood test charts the doctor figures out if she needs more insulin per carbohydrate or not.  She does, we went up to 16 carbs/1 unit of insulin.
I remember at her diagnosis how I was so worried I would never get the hang of this, how I thought I could never remember all of this stuff.  Funny how I was so wrong.  It's her life in our hands, literally.  Just one mistake is all I could make to send her into a coma, or worse. Glad I'm not completely useless:)

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