Monday, June 16, 2008

let me introduce myself

i feel kinda stupid, joining the ever expanding universe of blogs. but it will help keep family and friends updated. for others who do not know me, i will make an introduction.

my name is sacha, i live in tulsa, oklahoma.i am a month shy of thirty, run a snazzy scooter shop, and am a divorced mom of two gorgeous gals, juniper 4.5 years old, and beila who will be 2 years old in a week on the 23rd.

we live in a red brick house with our house-mate annie and her 7 year old son noah. our animals include a red dog named sallie, a st. bernard named whitman, a black and white cat named toe, and up until recently 4 chickens, 2 neighboring dogs ate them for dinner one day.

right now the girls are at parks' house, their dad. i miss them on these days but love the relief of my eyes darting everywhere looking for the rug rats. i am very lucky that juni and beila get to go to work with me, but i am constantly looking for them, making sure they have not wandered out of the garage door.

right now i am at work with nathan and cara and brad. we are listening to alcione on the brazilian station and watching the rain pitter-patter on the scooters outside. sort of comforting. i hope the rain lets up soon, i rode my bajaj to work!

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