Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I am craving sugar, good ole refined white sugar. I want to pour it down my throat and nuzzle it. I have limited myself for maybe three days now and have been doing well. I would like to continue this "better myself" kick I am on. No gummi sour straws or puffy nilla wafer cookies from Bill at the auto body shop down the street. I had healthy apples, oranges, and bananas with coffee for breakfast hoping that would knock out my soon to come afternoon sugar craving, but not so. It is not even 1.30 yet. We are open till 6pm. What is a girl to do. McDonald's iced coffee is calling my name from down the street, our vending machine with all it's krinkly plastic goodness awaits my finger tip punches of the buttons on the front. C3, I miss you. F1, don't forget me.

Last night for dinner Marc and I went to PF Chang's. Yummy moo goo gai pan and brown rice was my dinner option. And then, for dessert, they had these little shot glasses filled with a tiny chocolate cake, or apple crumble, or tres leches, or cheese cake. I ordered cheese cake, even though I am not usually a partaker of the cheese cake, and Marc had the chocolate. It was the perfect amount of sugar. I felt satiated, but at the same time I could have eaten 20 more of them. We then went down to the Cellar Dweller and Annie made me a delicious malibu and orange juice concoction in a tiki cup. I always feel special when I drink out of a tiki cup. Alcohol has a lot of sugar. I guess if I am going to be true to this whole no sugar thing then there has to be no alcohol for me. MMM, Marc is here, gotta go.

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