Tuesday, March 23, 2010

April 7th!

we find out what we are having
april 7th!
so i am nursery crazy!

a chicken mobile?

pregnant mama mobile?

elephant mobile to go with my eames elephant i will get?

piece of pie mobile?

fake calder looking mobile?

awesome hanging tree i want? yes, thank you.

eames wall hanger?
and yes, if you hadn't noticed, i'm going mid-century modern in the nursery. i am thinking my Greek will want to change diapers in this minimalistic modern nursery if it is aesthetically pleasing to him. i hate the idea of doing a themed nursery. i have never done one. juniper's nursery was pale yellows and greens, ginghams, mixed with vintage oddities from my childhood. beila's nursery was pale green with pink accents, and same bedding and vintage oddities again. but this baby will have an all new idea in it's room. i love it. i'll keep you posted on wether or not the baby's winter monkey hat i want will have a flower on it or not:)

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Kris10 said...

i am crazy for the eames!