Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Front Porch

i usually sit on the old swing, but i'm plugged in. before there was the wicker swing, which my grandparents got on one of their wedding anniversary's, there was an old wooden one. i have a picture of my momma pregnant with me sitting next to my grandma on it. wish i had a scanner:)
my whole family loves front porches. i guess we're front porch people. this front porch to be exact. my daddy grew up in this house. and my grandparents lived here till they couldn't anymore. now we live here. my kids are growing up in the house their papa grew up in. same sidewalk i learned to ride a bike on, my kids are riding theirs. i remember my bedo with a water hose in her hand, sitting in a lawn chair, squirting us kids in the front yard with just our undies on. yard darts were brought out when there were enough of the grown ups to play, and there was always a lawn chair if we ran out of sitting room on the porch.

snack time. yogurt and a banana. i want a hot fudge sunday with rocky road ice cream.
and mr. wink, my guard dog. we're just waiting for the girls to get home from school. when they get home, i won't even see them, they'll run to the neighbors back yard to go play with their friends. maybe i can lure them in with promises of making pretzels or cinnamon rolls. hmmmm?

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Valerie said...

i want a front porch. with a swing. and a sidewalk, please. we had a porch swing in beautiful minnesota and i miss it. not minnesota. nope. but the porch swing. yep. i'll have to come over soon and sit on the porch with ya'.