Saturday, August 27, 2011


growing up i based all my romantic chivalrous behavior on '80's romances involving john cusack, molly ringwald, patrick dempsey and mary stewart masterson. but really, who didn't? i wanted the boombox blasting peter gabriel outside my bedroom window, attached to john cusack of course. i wanted the guy who i was best friends with to fall in love with me and give me pearl earrings, it wouldn't have hurt if he was eric stoltz as well. i wanted the hunky senior who i had a crush on to take notice of me and give me my first kiss on a glass table a la jake ryan. i wanted to ride off in the sunset on a lawnmower with patrick dempsey. i wanted THE make up kiss during the school dance, of course i rallied for ducky instead of blaine, but you get the picture. alas none of this happened. all of my reality was awkward, and not in a cameron crowe/john hughes kinda way. well, there really isn't any point to all of this, i love these movies and associate them with my growing up even though they have nothing to do with it. they put romantic notions never fulfilled in my head. the thing is, i'm okay with it. i think having my dreams in romance is better than none at all. so, thank you '80's romances, you have made my life a better place.

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cssolomon said...

LoL, love the post :) I concur, all my romantic stories are beyond awkward as well. It could be b/c I'm so awkward? lol...of course I would take John Cusack any day of the week boom box or not, lol. Love me some John Cusack. Don't worry, Matt knows my love for him. :) I've already told him if I had the chance I would totally smooch that man. Have a good week Sacha!