Monday, September 5, 2011

don't hate me:)

for the past few weeks i have either been super busy, visiting family, doing school stuff, had mastitis, or now getting over being sick again. i do apologize, i have been down for a week now and today getting out and feeling better. it's odd, just as i got over a small bought of mastitis over a week ago, my bestie, carrie in silicon valley, was getting her own. she had a little girl the day after popi's first birthday. i would have laid money down that zinny and popi would have the same birthday, but then i would have lost it all.

cousins from baltimore came to visit and we went to blue hole and had a fun summer day. we thought it was hilarious that popi figured out the olive trick out all by herself. it's in the blood.

photo by anna at lanford life is just so daily

things are getting back on track again. girls have been at school for about a month. piano starts this week, swim lessons started up last week, popi begins mother's day out tomorrow...hopefully i will find time for the gym, my sewing machine, my blog, and my kitchen. life is fast:)

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Granny Fanny said...

Love this picture, loved that day we all spent together. thanks Sacha for coming with us and letting the Baltimore beauties spend time with the Tulsa Beauties and with their Auntie Sacha...they love you. Hope you're feeling better.