Thursday, November 10, 2011

So Much to Catch Up On...

goodness, i have left out so much from the end of summer and this fall. i'll try and be fast...

aren't they cute?

dinner at tokyo garden for juni's birthday dinner.

juni's cloud themed birthday party

breakfast and chicken judging at the fair. popi hated the mirrors.

when we go to the fair, we spend ALL day there.

sky ride, caramel apples, and the largest horse hoofs i have ever seen in my life, the picture doesn't even show the mamothicity of it. i just made that word up.

california dreaming. popi meets her cousin Zinny! we love her bunches and bunches!

good times with friends and family. oh yeah, and that trip to steve jobs' house.

and what would a trip to cali be without our trip to mecca, the Google campus. we had breakfast, never had breakfast there before, but of course it was fantastic!

this is just scratching the surface...

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