Friday, February 17, 2012

Gardening and cooking

It's what I do best. Today was a great day to be outside in the dirt. I put potato seed out in a raised "container" made from chicken wire and used the neighbors gorgeous compost they don't use. Also I cleaned out a bed and put compost on top so it is ready to be planted! I called the garden show on the radio this past weekend to see if I could move my asparagus crowns, he said I could, but it is proving to be a tougher job than I anticipated. The roots I knew were long, but they are crazy! I can not find the end to them, I also now know I planted them too close together. I love being in the dirt! Cooking is fun too, I made chocolate chip cookies for snack, and a carb free pizza crust for dinner. Beila's blood does better without carbs so when I saw this recipe I knew we had to try it. 1 package cream cheese mixed with 2 eggs, garlic powder, salt & pepper, and 1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese, i also added some italian herbs. Bake in a cake pan on 350 for 15 minutes or so, till firm. It smells yummy, I think it will be like a savory cheesecake texture. We'll let it cool then top it like a pizza with a tomato sauce without sugar, mozzarella, and lots of veggies! Hope you have a great dinner planned, have a great weekend!


P├ętra said...

Yumm! We have a crust to try that's made out of cauliflower puree, eggs and cheese.

Sandie said...

Sounds like Atkin´s recipes......pancakes with crushed pork rinds for carb-free option and they weren´t too bad.....keep sharing the recipes as I need to go back asap to diet.