Monday, February 13, 2012


Okay boyz and girlz, I am lazy. No scratch that, I am a busy mom. I am a mom, animal owner, daughter, sister, farmer, library frequenter, cookie maker, ballet taxi, doctor, nurse...the list goes on, and the list goes on. (you sing that last part to the tune of "the beat goes on.). There has been puke in our neck of the woods, all three chilluns, the Greek and I just got very upset tummies. Everyone is on the mend now and holding down food. We are watching Bee pretty carefully though because her ketones are pretty high so we have to do some damage control there. This weekend I made the munchkins v-day skirts out of some fabric I bought years ago. I was happy I was able to squeeze out three from one yard fabric. Years ago all I had in mind was two skirts. Speaking of, today is my 2nd anniversary. Today I married my Greek, swoon:) then along came baby. Sometimes I get upset that I was married the day before valentine's day because I don't celebrate romantic v-day, I celebrate it with my kids, they are my valentines. I hate that there is a day set aside where I am expected to show someone how much I love them, I think it is a crock. I love my husband very much and choose to show him that as much as I can, not once a year. We try to go on dates every week without children and do things for each other. So, you see, getting married the day before looks like we are hopeless, sappy, romantics. I don't judge you if you celebrate with your lover, I just don't.

Anywho, enough of that! I made my chica's skirts using this fun skull and hearts print. I used my twirly skirt tutorial somewhere on here, and embellished to my liking. I used different trim on each skirt and decorated each felt heart pocket differently. I think they turned out great! Happy v-day to all you lovely people out there!

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Kristi Roe Owen said...

Yay! You know we love skulls and hearts around here. Adorable. Love love love the pocket.