Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beila's Everyday Life

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Kristi Roe Owen said...

Noah and I watched this video together. We've been talking a lot about how some kids need special care and he really liked Beila's video and wants to meet her. Noah has a message for Beila. "I love Beila because she's healthy and she didn't even need a band-aid. I couldn't give myself a shot--no, that would hurt but it didn't even hurt you and you're a brave girl and you're a pretty girl and smart and every day you make yourself happy and healthy and it didn't even hurt a bit. I have autism which means I have two different schools but you have diabetes. Autism is when your brain works different and you like to line things up and say words over and over it's hard for you to make friends. I'm proud of Beila and she was listening to her mom. I felt happy when I saw her video because yeah, autism, it's hard, that it's hard to be quiet and hard to put your clothes, but I just don't know how to talk sometimes, au-tism, but Beila's blood needs help and she has to give herself a shot all day, every day...she's cool and brave. Have a happy day. I hope those shots don't hurt. My name is Noah."