Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pump up the Jam

Okay, more like "pump up the Beila". We put Bee on the pump today, we've been waiting forever it seems for this day. As always there was so much information and a ton of note taking and a few tears on my part, but this time my tears were of happiness. I know the pump isn't a fix and comes with it's own set of problems, but I do not have to inject my Bee multiple times a day anymore, not even once a day, just every three days when we put the cannula in her. We will still have finger pricks to test blood as always until we decide if we ever want a cgm(continual glucose monitor). The pump is amazing, we press in her blood glucose number, then how many carbs she is eating and the pink machine does the math and "voila!" it doses her with insulin. Also, it puts out a continual itty bitty amount of insulin all through the day just like my body or your body does, this will help regulate her blood more to keep her from getting insane highs and lows. This wonderful machine is by no means the answer to our problem or a cure, it is a small escape from tons of needles. We will go back to needles for certain things, because they in their own way are easier, simpler. But we are part of the pump club now, it feels good. If you haven't watched Beila's video down below on her life with Diabetes, please watch and please donate to help find a cure to this horrible disease, you can donate at

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P├ętra said...

I am so glad you've found something that will make both of your lives easier and Beila's hopefully healthier.
I miss you guys and wish I was coming next week : (