Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pinterest Experimentation

i'm stealing this idea from my friend cristal.
a lot of us spend a nice chunk of time on pinterest, and some of us have followed through on those DIY tutorials. i have done quite a few myself. my latest one was a face mask made from baking soda and juice. here is the link. i did not have oranges on hand but i did have lemon, acid is acid, right? when i put the two together i did not think of chemical reactions because the combined two shocked me at first with the bubbling and fizzing, then the third grade me shook her finger at my memory. "tsk, tsk, silly girl. remember how to make "lava"?" anyways....it smelled yummy and i gladly smeared the paste all over my exposed skin on my face, neck, and chest. i did not experience any tingling, but i do have a high tolerance to that kind of stuff. the only thing i would do different is not to do it around loved ones, i looked like a face decomposing zombie. i scared my Greek, just a little. after awhile i rinsed it off and looked for my glowing skin. i didn't glow. my skin looked clean and i am sure it exfoliated nicely, but i was not red. maybe i needed orange juice instead of lemon, but i would think lemon would have more acid. who knows. i will be doing this again, i liked it, but i will make sure i am by myself before i smear it all over.

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cssolomon said...

LOL! The "pinterest experimentation" caught my attention. Oh, you should have snapped a photo of that :) LOL - I heart you Sacha