Sunday, October 16, 2011


today is my hunni's 49th birthday. i love him so much! i don't know how i found him, or how i got so lucky that he loves me :) i was going to make him pancakes for breakfast, but the kitchen was dirty and i didn't want to waste the beautiful sunshine cleaning inside. we went to go eat brunch at blue moon and enjoyed the nice patio weather while we ate french toast and eggs.
i let my Greek enjoy his day while popi and i played outside, well she played in the shade of the hen house and i cut up a large limb cut down from our tree to make way for more sun on my expanding garden. i also layed out my new garden with straw and grass clippings i have been saving. i have 4 garden patches now, roughly 10X10 each. in one of those squares i put the hen house for winter. i will start deep bedding now and hope it gets deep enough. in a few months i will put plastic sheeting around the outside to insulate it. come spring that patch will be perfect for some planting. i will move my asparagus in one of these squares, and move my berries to a square of their own as well. i left a nice walkway between them all, about 6ft. in the center of the 4 squares i will put my lighthouse that my Greek gave me for my first mother's day with him. i am also going to make a patio out back behind my deck with some vintage square concrete blocks that rock. i hope i have enough blocks. i was planning on doing a lot of this this summer but it was so freaking hot! no one got outside this year to do anything, so now i am playing catch up! oh, how i have missed digging in the dirt!

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