Tuesday, October 11, 2011


oh how i hate political and religious rants on my favorite social network. i have so many friends with different views than i, and that is okay, it is what in part that makes them who they are, the people i love. what i can't stand is when people post things that are political/religious jab in the tummy. they make fun of the other political/religious group, say rude things, and while doing so make themselves look like an ass. when someone i respect posts political and religious hatred and lumps me in with the group they are making fun of, i immediately lose respect for that person. i don't think they realize that not every single person has the same views as they do, because if they did, they wouldn't say such awful things. since when did keeping your politics and your religion to yourself stop happening? i still follow this act of human decency, i try hard not to impart my views of politics and religion to other people without an invitation. i don't make fun of you because you are different, please try hard not make fun of me.

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cssolomon said...

I 100% concur Sacha. When they start to get out of control, I just block their posts.