Sunday, August 8, 2010

38 Weeks

well, this is it folks. my last day. tomorrow they induce so's they can make sure she is growing properly. i have always gone into labor naturally, doesn't mean they haven't used pitosin on me before, but now we are starting labor from scratch. oh the pain! but i'm ready with my calming mood music, andreas vollenweider and brian eno. it's new age and dorky, i know, i was brought into the world with brian eno so i was born to love all that stuff, don't tell anyone, k?

room is all done, almost. i need to hang pictures, cuckoo clock, and peg coat hangers. also, my mom in law bought the Greek goddess a chandelier that we need to put up as well.

i worried so much about getting this done when in reality, she won't be in her room for months. i have driven the Greek crazy with it. paint, paint, paint! i told him in the beginning i'd be slightly crazy. he forgives me.

my precious bug and bot went to their daddy's last night so the Greek and i went to chick-filet for dinner (yum!) and a movie. we chose to see inception. it was so good, a real nail biter. so, i guess no monday morning anthro tomorrow, i took pictures the other day, i might be able to use those. next time you hear from me, i should have a bouncing bundle of joy to sap all my energy from me. wish me luck:)

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