Sunday, August 1, 2010

37 Weeks

i misplaced my electrodes for my little tens unit. i want the sweet pain numbing sensation from it right now. my back hurts. poo.
37 weeks now. obviously i did not give birth this past weekend, thank goodness. but they gave us an inducement date of august 9th, 5am. tomorrow we have one of our bi-weekly ultrasounds where the "dawctas" will measure my Greek goddess and tell me if we are going to wait till that monday or go ahead this week. i'm to the point of realizing i am not going to go into natural labor with her, before i had a small hope of going into labor by myself, but now i realize there are other plans for me...maybe i can eat my words later?
well let's see what the iphone app has to say about her this week...she is swiss chard this week, and according to my app 6.3 lbs. tomorrow we'll see the weight difference between the app and reality. it says i should be tired and be experiencing pelvic pressure...uh-huh. about her nothing really, just she is full term and her organs should be ready. she's still moving around lots with hiccups galore. fun.
on another note, are you watching Shark Week? it sure does keep your interest peaked. can't stop watching it. one thing for sure, you will never find me in shark infested waters for science!