Monday, August 2, 2010

Gummi 101

i like to think of myself as a gummi connoisseur. from a young age i have loved the gummi. but i am picky. only the best gummi for moi. so i have three favorite brands, all other people hawking gummi can go elsewhere.

haribo is the best gummi brand in the whole world, they are also the largest gummi manufacturer in the world. they were founded around 1920 in Germany, and today they are made in other haribo factories around europe. i think there is a total of 18 factories, you can look on the back of your package and see where your gummi was made. i remember when i was in germany all the little gummi stores and the gummi i could not get here in the states. amazing! spain was the other country who had a lot of gummi, there is a haribo factory there. i don't remember gummi in other countries as i do spain and germany. what makes gummi great is the consistency, which comes from gelatin. haribo uses beef and pork. with out the gelatin, gummi is not gummi.
my next favorite brand is trolli. it is another german company, they were started in 1948. where haribo is a gummi making machine, trolli does a lot of other things as well. they began as a pasta company. but it wasn't till 1975 they came up with the trolli logo and candies became a front runner. in my opinion they do a good job, not as good as haribo, but better than everything else out there.
don't let the name deceive you. the black forest gummi is not from the great land of gummi, germany, but from chicago, il. that's right folks, the united states can make some gummi. black forest is made by ferrara pan company. it was founded in 1908 by an italian immigrant i do believe. what they have going for them is the gelatin they use. if your gummi is not al dente, then it ain't gummi.

so there is a little lesson on my favorite lesson will be in peeps!

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