Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello, I'm a Week Old

our pediatrician told us to lay out. so we did. popi slept and i read my new taschen catalog that came in the mail.
popi weighs 5lbs12oz. one ounce gained in a week, we must reach 6lbs1oz by next week. we can do it. she also grew 1/4in in length this past week. the big sisters are having a hard time sharing mommy, it is hard to balance all of this at once. please tell me it will get easier. i want to spend time with each of them, go finish off some of our summer to-do list. i can do it, my mom will have to expect some phone calls soon for baby holding duty!

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Sandie said...

Of course it'll get easier!!! You need loads of patience as this is a huge adjustment for ALL of you. Mommy's are the best at juggling though.......Just know that you won't be able to do as much as you want. Take advantage of Popi's napping times (which should be a lot right now) for you to rest and devote to your girls. Even when she's awake, she can lie on a blanket while you get things done as well. Goodness, it's already been a week! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!! I love little babies!!!