Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh Crafty Girlfriends

i seriously have some of the most talented friends in the world. and with the Greek goddess coming soon i get to see more of their handy work up close. goodies for me! errr, i mean the baby:)

by now you know i have talked about my friend valerie numerous times. she is very into quilting right now, and of course is very good at it. knowing my love for chickens she made the little one a quilt with fabulous french chicken fabric. the girls running around on the fabric are reminiscent of henny penny. wonderful! i can't wait to put her down on it.

this is the other side of the quilt, dontcha just love the funky chicken?

i woke up one morning with a yellow package on my doorstep. upon opening i found this flannelicious baby blanket with a hand appliqued real fuzzy rabbit. it is so yummy and soft. it will be great this winter to wrap the goddess in. my awesome quilting friend miranda made it.

is an artist. a for reals gallery artist. but besides paints, she uses all sorts of mixed mediums. her work is beautiful. no fair. for years she has been waiting to do a belly cast of "our baby." i think she enjoyed herself with this. it was so odd feeling. when it hardened and i would move or laugh it would pull away from my skin and make me laugh more. it turned out great and it wouldn't have been done if she hadn't come over and done it.

i have the best friends in the world. they are all so different and talented. all of them are. how did i manage to surround myself with such caring, like minded, and crafty people? it's crazy how we can attract what we need.

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