Wednesday, November 10, 2010


what another great afternoon. it is 75 degrees and beautiful. popi and i are inside having snacks and watching "station agent" with the gorgeous peter dinklage. love that movie. this morning we did some do-it-yourselfing!

i really love *bucks' peppermint mocha lattes, but hate the price tag. i finally decided to make my own! and the amazing thing is that it worked:) fresh pressed coffee, ghirardelli ground chocolate, peppermint extract, and frothed whole milk. delicious.

my Greek has many keys. this picture is not even half of them. i love him, so i made him a key thingy. i found this old racket holder and put some hooks in it, hung it up, and voila! a place to put keys.

my most exciting craft today was my automatic chicken waterer, the avian aqua miser from the walden effect, one of my favorite blogs. it is in the corner of their cage that i finally got back from a friend. it allows the chickens to drink from a container that can't get poo in it! i made one for the chick's cage and i am making two others, one for the coop and another for outside when they are free ranging it.
what a great day!

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