Sunday, November 14, 2010

Iphone Bootcamp App

oh my! my throat is on fire, i have a small headache, and i am nauseated. the flu you say? no, ian gaine's bootcamp workout on my iphone. i am in pain, and can't breathe very well. it was only $1.99 i believe, a bargain compared to the local bootcamp chapters in the area. i thought i was semi in shape, but after 4o lunge jumps, and 100 jumps on the jump rope, i need a break. i have many many more repetitions to do on my first day, but i am afraid of puking and breathing. i am going to loose some weight, i have to, i have already busted a hole in a pair of jeans trying to put them on, and i can't afford to go buy new jeans for my new curvy figure. this girl only has a small collection of sweats to choose from for the time being. maybe i should stop baking and eating doughnuts whenever i want, that might help some, right? fat chance! i just need to learn to exercise and enjoy it, for me, for my children, and for my wardrobe:)

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