Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

i'm back to my regular scheduled programming. i had my oatmeal and fruit with cups and cups of coffee at my monday haunt, queenies. kalliope and i walked around in the gorgeous okie weather at utica square and waited for shops to open. i was excited because i hadn't been in anthro for over a week! so much can change, you know that.

happy holidays....happy holidays....
it's getting Christmasier and Christmasier in our magical wonderland:)

this looks like fun. friday, december 3rd from 3-5, there will be people reading to your little mini me's while you shop or browse in anthro.

this is just an homage to pie, a reminder of this thursday.
pumpkin, pecan, coconut, gooseberry:)

double-breasted shirtdress
how cute would you look with this dress on, black heels, and an umbrella? holy moly, a-dorable.

soft sakura skirt
as i was leaving i saw this skirt's beautiful design. i love peachy things and the detail was so soft and peachy! it would be great for me with the elastic waist.

manners can be fun
i will be purchasing this for my bee(4 years old) this Christmas. someone needs to know that manners are fun!

i did get in some Christmas shopping this morning there, i got this as a hostess gift for my aunt on thanksgiving, this for maybe me or a go-to gift, a couple of these for the girls for hot cocoa, and this for juni...maybe she will let me color with her;) have a great week everyone!

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