Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winterizing My Garden

i've pulled most of my plants, and started putting down my ground cover for the winter. i use hay, lawn clippings, wood ash, and leaves. i'm still getting okra, so it's still up.

my corn stalks are being burnt for ash.

my asparagus has been weeded and a cover put down.

i will put plastic all around the coop. not sure if i will put it in the garage or in the garden so they are on a dirt ground. whatever i choose, i will give them lots of hay and let it build up with poop to make an insulation for warmth. what i really need to come up with is a heated chicken waterer.

my old pine tree that was totally dead. i loved the way it dropped branches every now and then for me to make fires in my outdoor fireplace with.

now it is gone and i have to make shelter for my firewood.
winterizing is lots of work, i have lots more to do. thank goodness the weather has been awesome!

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