Friday, June 3, 2011

43 Weeks, monday

monday was memorial day so there was no queenie's breakfast for us. instead popi and i went to kristen and marvin's for yummy pancakes, bacon, orange juice and coffee. marvin puts fresh nutmeg in his pancakes, so they were super duper yummy.
well, kalliope was 43 weeks old monday, almost ten months old, that will be tuesday, and then i have two more months till she is a year old!! where has the time gone?
let's see, she said her first word a couple weeks ago, "baby." seriously. she was playing with her baby doll and definitely said it. her ya-ya witnessed it as well. "ba-by." she could have also maybe said "poppa." we are pretending she did, it sure sounded like it and her poppa was sitting right there. food wise, she does not have a routine. some days she eats solids, some she is milk only. her favorite things are breast milk and water. she loves water and only drinks from a straw. she loves cheerios, black beans, baby mum-mums, risotto, peanut butter-banana smoothies, and mango smoothies. popi is not a fan of water on her(she hates getting wet) or small fuzzy creatures, including our baby chicks. her reaction to feeling water and small fuzzies is shaking and screaming, this makes bath time hard. she loves "this little piggy" and will wee-wee-wee with you. she also like people to nibble on her toes. still no teeth or any hint of them yet, i don't mind, her toothless smile makes me melt like chocolate left on the front seat of an oklahoma car. she does not crawl, pull up, or anything besides sit on her toosh or play on her belly. she has been starting to lay over while sitting up, looking like she might almost start to crawl, but no go yet. for that i am grateful for as well. we have been enjoying chillin' on the front porch a lot these past weeks. i put her down on her rug with a small basket of toys and she sits there for hours just playing nicely while i swing and read or do chores on the porch or yard. the best part of that is she is immobile! we also recently bought a nice sized mirror we put in her room near the floor so she can sit and play and stare at herself. she loves being with her sisters and i, but especially loves seeing her poppa. when she gets near him she instantly grabs his beard and tugs, i find it highly entertaining. may i brag for a second here? of course i can! it's my blog:) i am going to say 97% of the time when someone sees popi, they react to her eyes. they say she has the most beautiful eyes, i'm glad everyone sees what i do, the cutest baby in all the world!

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Figgy said...

I love her toothless smile too:)