Monday, June 13, 2011

44 Weeks

wow. she just keeps on getting bigger.
still no teeth:) no crawling:) and that's all good in our hood. "dog" is the new word this week. she first said it at my mommy's house, there are 4 dogs running around there right now instead of 2. my brother james, his girlfriend anissa, and their 2 dogs are staying there for a bit. no "mamma" to escape her lips yet. new foods this week were salmon, she loved it, and strawberries. we went to menchie's to cool off this week with a treat and she had some bites of the tart plain frozen yogurt flavor and she was shaking and licking that stuff up! we don't do sugared foods till the first birthday, but i rationalized the tart plain favor in my head:) i was so lucky that kristen had her camera at queenie's this morning, she took some beautiful pictures.

momma bear and baby bear

popi and olive

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Valerie said...

Dang, Sacha. That black and white pic is a beaut. Stunning. (Good work, Kristen.)