Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tulsa Tough Weekend!!!

my favorite summer weekend is the weekend of the TUlsa Tough. i love cycling, not sure why, but i love it. i would never do it, but watching is a blast! juni was at summer camp all week so bee, popi and i had a lot of time on the porch:)

wink always sits by popi, i like to think he is watching out for her.

tulsa tough in the blue dome area the first night!

edible garden tour has me thinking about quail now...

and i am thinking about doing something different with our coop.

saturday night we went all the way out to pawnee for the pawnee bill wild west show and museum.

the use the same original playbill for the current show. there were belly dancers, traditional pow wow dancing, trick riders, roping, guns, much fun!

Align Centerthe whole gang, my friend valerie took her boys the same night, it was great to have some time with them.

do you see beila to the right of the fancy dancer? it was so cute. we had a blast last night.
this morning we were up and out to tulsa tough and cry baby hill, my favorite! we had to come home for naps....but we'll be back out there in a few!

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