Friday, June 3, 2011

"Desperate Landscapes"

you ever watch the show desperate landscapes on DIY? well, i do, and it reminds me of our house. they go to the neighbors and video tape them talking about the landscape subject's house. they say things like "you need to get your butt in gear!", and "your house needs to be up to standard with the rest of the neighborhood." that's us. no one sends over a video of people saying that, but i know. i want landscaping! they want landscaping! we all want my house to be beautiful, where is the time and moola? well, we are trying. we took down the rotting shutters and started to scrape the peeling paint off the windows. we have some rot in the north windows that will have to be replaced, but mostly good everywhere else. we got some kilz and soon we will be priming, caulking and painting! after that we get to make new shutters. we have to paint the gutters too, maybe we will get new ones...that's all up to the Greek. what would be even better is if DIY came and knocked on my door and told me that i had the worst back yard and front yard in the world and that they wanted to give us a hand. do you hear that DYI!? i need help!!! you hear that? you can turn me in to the landscape police if you want.

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