Thursday, June 2, 2011

Urban Farm Check In

the baby girls are getting bigger, we put them outside today to play for a little bit. they loved it, of course. i opened up the hives last sunday. i located the queens and brood, so all's well in the bee-hood, at least as far as i can tell. no one has been stung yet! my asparagus patch is good and ferning out. i cannot wait till next year and i can eat asparagus for 2 whole weeks!! my veggie garden is doing good and basically weed free this year. my tomatoes look fabulous, unlike last year. i have only 4 tomato plants this year, about half of what i normally have. i was very worried about the tomato massacre of 2010 and didn't want a repeat so i bought less. i have baby tomatoes right now, potatoes a'growin', the bell peppers are still smallish, my herbs are great and i am loving having parsley on hand, a bloom on the squash, beans on the stalk, onions doing great, arugula gaining ground, and raspberries getting bigger. i only used half my garden space this year and i feel kinda like a loser because i have not reached my whole farming potential. i have so much to do right now, i realize i can't spend as much time this year on my garden as i want. i am still getting used to the bees and watching the kids full time. whew! say a little prayer for me:)

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Creative Mom said...

It looks great don't be hard on yourself!