Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MAking School Lunches

i have always had a love/hate relationship with making school lunches. our school doesn't have a cafeteria so making homemade lunches is not a choice, but necessity. some days i wish i could drop off the kids without having to make a nutritional, kid friendly lunch. we do have pizza day on wednesdays, but only i would give birth to the kids that don't like delivery pizza. now with our #1 diabetic kiddo, making lunches has gone from a 2-5 minute throw down, to about a 30-45 minute nightly thing. i have to make the lunches at night because there is no time in the morning running around with those 3 girls to do all the mathematical note taking bee's lunches require. these are my tools.....

my calorie king book, scale, notepad, and calculator.
i have to have these to make lunch, dinner, breakfast, well, anything.

this is an example of both the girls' lunch for tomorrow, and popi gets a smaller version of this. 2 oz of cucumber, 9 olives, 1 cup whole wheat pasta with basil and parmigiano, sugar free jello(juni got some sugar filled orange cream jello thing), and a stevia sweetened lemonade.
on that little yellow note all folded up and tucked in her lunch is the exact measurements of the food with the carb content. i take that number, divide it by 20, and voila! i get the number of units beila's teacher needs to inject her with before lunch.

i put the lids on, tuck them in the fridge, and go collapse into bed. i was snuggling in bed with my Greek boo an hour ago watching tosh.0 and laughing, i wanted to stay there, i did not want to make lunches, i did not want to get up, i wanted to stay there, but someone has to feed my chilluns!


Valerie said...

Sacha, I am very very impressed with how you've been doing. Way to go on the lunches. Packing lunches, in my opinion, is way up there with other not-so-fun tasks like scrubbing the bathtub and shower, and it can be frustrating enough without having to do all the sugar counting you're doing. Throw that in the mix, and all I can say is I am super impressed by you. Way to go, mama.

Mrs. O said...

I love the bento boxes. We pick them up at nam hai. It is kind of drag packing lunches, but you can also do portioning all at once for the week, if that makes sense. I agree with Valerie...good job!

Devouring the Seasons said...

I can imagine what it must be like. My husband is diabetic, two of my kids have Celiac Disease, and I have Eosinophilic Esophagitis (wil 16 major food allergies). Packing lunches/cooking can be...complicated. Good job, mom!

sacha said...

i am very grateful that diabetes is what i have to work with. i cannot imagine being told that there was a group of food my child, or i could not touch. food allergies and celiac's disease are harder than what i have to deal with i believe. more props to you!