Friday, September 9, 2011

New Toys

i went to the restaurant supply store with the Greek's mommy today to get some doo-dads for her fine italian eatery. let it be known, i am like a tiny kid in a candy store in one of those places. even after not working in a commercial kitchen for years i drool at all the shiny things surrounding me. wide eyed i walk around slowly touching and feeling everything my fingers come in contact with. a microplane with a pink handle! a salad bowl i could fit all three kids in! a tiny mortar and pestle! i am nuts. now i want to run back to a commercial kitchen and cook till the cows come home. i did get a "treat" while we were there. i guess D thought i was being a good girl and bought me two new 9" cake rounds with, here's the kicker, two 9" silicone baking mats!!!!!! one- my cake rounds are old, battered, rusted, and dented, i needed new ones. and two- i will never have to trace my cake round onto parchment, and cut it out for the bottom of my cake pan, never ever again. i didn't know that that was a possibility. the angels were singing all around me when i saw those. i cannot wait to bake a cake now. anyone have a birthday coming up? anyone? bueller?


P├ętra said...

I've never seen those! I hate tracing and cutting out the parchment.

Carrie said...

um...i know someone with a birthday in october ;)